Skin irritation and itchy! help!

Hey guys! i want to ask its already few weeks i found my skin so itchy and got irritation on body only… weird i dont have any allergics before this… my whole family also facing the same thing as me especially my niece 1 year old… it is from washer or our house are not clean enough??

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can be both, pls first clean your house then if continue check the washer.

have you washed the tub of your washer? sometimes because of that

yes true, sometimes can be both, the environment of the house could be the factor. but i think because of the washer

omgee i forget about this, yes we need to clean the tub once a week, its compulsory if not your clothes not clean

yess sometimes it can be because of this… ur tub may not be washed carefully thats why there might be leftover from past wash… so it gets on ur other clothes

it is also important for u to choose the suitable detergent as well. some can be too strong and be harmful to your skins

rightt. but it could be hard if u have manual washer. because u need to do it by yourself… sometimes u even need to scrub them to get all of it out

true. happened to me before… i washed my clothes with different type of detergent. because i actively go dobi. and somehow i got rashes because of it

yess. also please avoid using bleach because it will ruin ur clothes too. also it smells so bad that if u dont wash the tub carefully. ur next wash might come out smelly or the colour will fade

hmmm i never wash my washer’s tub before this… ehh need to wash ke??
because as far as i know my mum also didn’t wash the tub ftom my entire life!
so that’s the reason why my skin irritation??

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you need to wash because the dirt is still there after you wash the clothes, that’s why you need got the irritation

detergent also need to use something that gentle to the skin. depends on the skin as well, need to try and error

yess. some contains too strong ingredients which is not safe for babiess. but suggest to also get a washer that is gentle when washing clothes

that could be the reason… because u still have the leftovers from whatever u washed from the past. so the dirt might be there. u might need to scrub all over… but like my washer, i dont have to scrub them and instead, it can automatically wash the tub hehe

i see… so what should i do? i think i want to but a new washer maybe front load washer…
coz i heard that front load washer easy to use, save a detergent and save space right?
but still dont know which washer have anti bacteria or any technology got hot water

im also looking for washer that has stain master and gentle wash, pls recommend me one

better looking for washer with the latest technology like blue ag+ when you have babies in the house

You might be interested in panasonic. Their latest model, NA-V11FX2LMY. it has so many function that can help u with washing ur clothes more better. the stainmaster also helps so much and u dont need to wash ur tub as frequent

yes right. im glad i own panasonic. im taking care of my parents and their skins got sensitive, but my washer helps a lot even though i dont use much detergent to clean all the clohtes