Systemic Failure at 8excite: Consistently Unacceptable Service, Deceiving Scams & Empty Promises


On Why 8excite Malaysia Sucks Big Time and You Should Never Purchase Any Cash Voucher Deals From Them

I was entitled to a Starbucks card for purchases I made on 19 July 2017 when I saw your banner promising Starbucks card within 3 days. However, after weeks of waiting I was not contacted by your team for my address for you to send the Starbucks card. I contacted your in-app live chat and FB multiple times on this issue the past few weeks yet until today 20th August after one month has passed I have yet to receive the Starbucks card that I was promised within 3 days. Each time your customer support staff promise to resolve this issue but the fact speaks louder than your empty promises.

On 8th August I made multiple purchases including a number of cash vouchers which was clearly written to be delivered within 7 days. However, so far I only received llaollao voucher but not other vouchers like Giant, IKEA and many others such as another Starbucks card that I am entitled for. This is totally unacceptable because I purchased all the cash voucher & gift card deals and submitted my same address details on 8th August but I only received llaollao voucher on 16th August.

What is even more frustrating and disappointing are the Giant, IKEA & McDonald’s that are going to expire on 2 September 2017. I am not from KL and I need to travel to KL in order to use the gift card but today I have come back from KL already and yet to receive the gift card within 7 days from 8 August as you promised. It is a waste of my time and money to make another travel to KL just to use the IKEA gift card if you send to me after this. You broken promises deceived me into purchases and absolutely cheating customers in broad day light.


Absolutely disgusted by the service failure and inconvenience caused by 8excite! I came all the way from my hometown to KL but was unable to redeem the vouchers!

This is so wrong and totally unacceptable!

  1. I’m super surprised that you are clueless about any of the problem on redemption at Focus Point KL Pavilion
  2. Why trouble me to send you the code when you should have access to my 8excite account and voucher order details and purchase history?

Anyway, please see attached for order no. of both Secret Recipe & Giant cash vouchers. Both showing redeemed in my app when actually I haven’t received any of them. The Focus Point KL Pavilion staffs said my redemption codes were in alphabets whereas they are expecting numbers (their sample code as attached) so they refused to give me any of the vouchers. The staffs also mentioned this was 8excite problems and asked me to deal with you directly. The staffs said they have huge stacks of vouchers in their store room but can’t be redeemed because of this same reason, even told me they rejected a number of customers some travelled from Malacca when I raised the fact that I purchased this voucher at the point of understanding that it can be collected within a week and travelled all the way from outstation for redemption. It is totally impossible for me to come again just to collect the vouchers by the time 8excite resolves this disgusting mistakes - one of the many signs of systemic failure at 8excite that I personally have experienced as a customer.


8excite support team: For these collection based vouchers, we have stated in the fine print where after buying, you will be receiving an SMS from CollectCo.

This SMS contains the digit code to identify your parcel so you can then go pick up at the selected outlet, after receiving the SMS.

Unbelievable that you choose to argue based on terms and conditions when 1) during the time of purchase your deal clearly mentioned available for collection 7 days, 2) it was your mistake with the redemption code.

When it was clearly your mistake in the redemption code causing so much distress and inconvenience to customers you still have the audacity to blame customers I am really speechless!


Contacting and reasoning with 8excite customer service staffs were totally useless because 8excite customer support did not mention when will I receive the cash vouchers by this vague standard copy paste response

8excite Customer Service: Rest assured you will get your vouchers as uncollected vouchers will be returned to us after a short period of time and then we can organize again on how to better get it into hands of customers who are not in Klang Valley

The minimum expectation after receiving my complaint is to

  • Post the vouchers to my home address immediately
  • Compensate for my inconvenience due to 8excite’s mistake

What 8excite Customer Experience staffs have done instead are:

  • Push the blame to customer for not reading your T&C - which is not true
  • Give no ETA but instead say this will resolve eventually - next year? next 10 years?


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Kok Wai: I bought 5x RM500 Aeon Voucher (selling RM400 each), but you drop the price to RM300 later, really disappoint with your action. It will lead to losing confidence of customer that thinking your company is cheating money and going run away with the money. If you unable provide me the sms confirmation within 48 hours as promised, I will report to KPDNKK

They said limited quantity, in fact is huge volume and selling few hours never finish. Now all these voucher removed and suddenly in order history stated payment system delay.

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Lim Cher Ann: Not promotion post. Just asking, anyone of you receive free gifts from celebrate merdeka sales of 8excite? I think maybe they didn’t even give away any

Yong Jun: I receive this email

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for supporting our Celebr8 Merdeka Campaign.

Due to the overwhelming response and unexpected demand, the freebies are finished.

We are rewarding you 1000EP (Excite Points) into your 8excite account.

Best regards,
8excite Support Team

Lim Cher Ann: I think just their strategy to cheat consumer to purchase till certain amount, actually no free gift at all

Badiuzaman Mohd Noor: nobody get the prize as they promise. and they just gave 1000ep not worth it