TGI Fridays & Italiannies Buy 1 Free 1 Main Course (Show Petron Miles Card & Fuel Receipt) Until 14 May 2017

TGI Fridays Italiannies Malaysia Buy 1 Free 1 Promo

TGI Fridays Malaysia Chicken Tender & Italiannies Classic Carbonara Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion

Enjoy 1-for-1 deals of our Crispy Hand-Battered Chicken Tenders with your Petron Miles card and fuel receipt!

Promotion valid until 14th May 2017.

Buy One Main Course, Get Another Main Course for FREE!

Just present your Petron Miles Card and fuel purchase receipt to enjoy these special deals.
  • TGI Fridays: 1 Chicken Tender for 1 Chicken Tender
  • Italiannies: 1 Classic Carbonara for 1 Classic Carbonara (Piccolo size only)

Petron Loyalty Member Card Buy One Free One Promo Terms & Conditions

  • Promo is exclusive to Petron Miles Card members
  • Valid only at TGI Fridays and Italiannies Malaysia
  • A valid Petron fuel receipt must be presented
  • Not valid with any ongoing promotion at participating outlets
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Hmm… with petrol card also can get a better offer then walk in. hahaha… i wonder how many card i must keep. it is so confusing to have so many card. cant they do just one. and all electronically? would it be more simple dont you think?

You mean like google pay? Ali pay and also apple pay? So having it all on your device? I think it would be hard for the transition i would say. some kad need to be swipe. but i think for petrol kad i would prefer going for petronas kad mesra.

Please view the date.

Too old
Please review date

this one is the old one… u need to revise to Ptrn miles card if they got a new promotion or not… but to me, i dun like much Ptrn coz of the points that their giving to their loyal customer are so little… i love petronas more coz they are giving the highest points so far from others… 1L = 3x points

To those who want to get a lots of benefits and more points when u fill the fuel, better check out the latest petronas mesra card… it will be great if u guys using maybank credit card coz can get points up untill 8x points and CIMB credit card, will get cashback 7%… really save ur money than this TGI fridays ads hahahaha click this link to check out…

thanks for the info i already through it not bad at all!! i never knew this kind of offer still have at nowadays economy…

LOL!!! hellooooo we are talking about petron miles card why are suddenly came and promote this kind of product???!!! petronas is not a petron!

This is much better for me, redeem the point for food and beverage, instead of money or petrol.
some more its TGI Fridays, i love their food so much…
not sure still have this promotion or not, will be keep collecting the point for better rewards.

But petronas do promotion redeem point for food? i rather eat than redeem money or petrol, feeding the car cant make my stomach food…

Food i think is common. but not alot of people will go for it. Having promotion on food is hard because the person need to be there with the card also. and follow the term and condi. i prefer they stick with fuel type promotions

Well feeding your car helps you travel and gain more money to feed your stomach way better. if its just normal kind i dont think you can earn much also.

i always fill petron, new design of the station make me feel comfortable

yup, not all ppl like to eat that food also, money much better, get yourself what you want

petron not the only petrol station in malaysia dude, they are just sharing the benefit of petronas, since petronas are quite old in malaysia and do have history, but i know Petronas do have F1 racing car, hahaha

what is ptrn? i fill petronas the most, cause my parents using petronas credit card, all sharing one credit card, haha, because quite lot of point if using petronas credit card and together with mesra card also

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