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Malaysia Home Fiber Internet TM UniFi Advance Plan Free Speed Upgrade 2017

Free speed upgrade. Sign up by 31 December 2016!

Enjoy a FREE speed upgrade in 2017 when you subscribe to the UniFi Advance plan for only RM179. Offer ends 31st December 2016.

  • UniFi ADVANCE PLAN 30Mbps
    • Normal Price: RM199/Month
    • Promotion Price: RM 179/month (RM189.74 inclusive of GST)
    • Total Discount: RM20/Month
  • UniFi ADVANCE PLAN 50Mbps
    • Normal Price: RM249/Month
    • Promotion Price: RM 229/month
    • Total Discount: RM20/Month
These promotion prices will be maintained throughout the duration of your plan’s contract if you sign up and activate your UniFi before 31 December 2016.

TM UniFi Free Upgrade Promo Terms & Conditions

  • Customer Eligibility:
    • The Customers who subscribed to UniFi Advance Plan will be eligible to get Free Upgrade to the next available UniFi plan starting from April 2017 as per details below:
    1. UniFi Advance 30Mbps Plan subscribers will be upgraded to UniFi Advance 50Mbps Plan
    2. UniFi Advance 50Mbps Plan subscribers will be upgraded to UniFi Pro 100Mbps Plan
  • The Customer is required to do the following to qualify:
    1. Become a new subscriber of UniFi Advance plan between 1st December 2016 to 31st December 2016;
    2. The UniFi services must be activated latest by 31st December 2016
  • Subject to Technical & Service Availablility
  • Price without GST
  • How to Check if You are Qualified for Free Speed Upgrade? Customers are encouraged to check their UniFi subscription Free Speed Upgrade eligibility starting from January 2017 (please allow 2 weeks cooling period after registration for service activation for new Customers) by registering their UniFi subscription details in Each Customer will need to provide UniFi account number, UniFi Service ID, NRIC (for residential customers), e-mail address and mobile numbers in the Microsite in order to check for service upgrade eligibility.


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    It is now the best time to subscribe to UniFi Advance 50Mbps Plan and lock in the price for RM229/month, after April 2017 the speed will be upgraded (doubled) for free to UniFi Pro 100Mbps Plan but the monthly price remains the same RM229/month.

    According to Lowyat.NET, the subscription price for UniFi Pro 100Mbps Plan will be reduced to RM299/Month.

    the monthly fee for the UniFi Pro 100Mbps plan will be rectified.

    Specifically, new customers that subscribe UniFi 100Mbps plan will be charged RM 299 per month. As a comparison, the current monthly fee for the plan starts at RM 329 per month.

    In other words, if you subscribe to UniFi Advance 50Mbps Plan now, you will be able to enjoy UniFi Pro 100Mbps plan (after the free speed upgrade in April 2017) for only RM229/month compared to those who subscribe to UniFi Pro 100Mbps plan who pay RM299/month. That’s RM70/month saving for the same speed!

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