TM Unifi & Streamyx 4Mbps & 8Mbps Customers Get Free 1-Year iflix Subscription, Activate Before 22 September 2016 | HARGA RUNTUH

Free 1-Year iflix Subscription for TM Streamyx Subscribers

Streamyx customers, rejoice! Now watch your favorite shows all year long!

So you're a UniFi and Streamyx (4Mbps and 8Mbps only) customer?

  • Sponsored by TM (worth RM120)
  • Instant access to thousands of TV shows, movies and more
  • You can even download & watch offline
  • No sign up or sign in required
  • Cancel online anytime

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ok, so what’s this iflix thing I just got for no charge? iflix is Malaysia's awesomest Internet TV service with more content that you can poke a stick at. We know this, for you cannot poke a stick at tens of thousands of hours of content. We stream top quality TV shows, movies and more over the Internet and you can watch them on your phone, laptop, tablet or TV... Wherever, whenever! You can even download your favourite shows on your phone or tablet and watch offline later. We are a GEMINI. What is this offer? Am I entitled to it? If you are a new or existing UniFi or Streamyx 4Mbps & 8Mbps subscriber, then... YES! You get a 1 year subscription to iflix, sponsored by TM! (worth RM120). No hidden charges! This offer is not applicable for UniFi Biz or other TM products just yet but we're working on it. Hang tight! What is the end date of the offer? The end date is 22 September 2016. Sign up any time between then to enjoy entertainment awesomeness on iflix for 1 year, sponsored by TM! (worth RM120) How do I subscribe for this offer? We've made it super easy. Simply connect to your Home UniFi or Streamyx 4Mbps & 8Mbps Internet connection and go to on your PC or download the app on your smartphone or tablet. Et voila! You're in! If you're using data saver on Chrome, remember to turn it off to activate your account.


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