U Mobile Unlimited Internet Data Hack (Bypass Tethering Block & Tether Limit)

Hi. Im not sure if this work, but it works for me on Umobile GX30. What you’re basically doing is you’re configuring your Computer to trick you ISP into thinking that your computer data is a phone data therefore treating it under your unlimited quota and not considered tethering. If you’re truly interested, you can ask me and ill guide you through it… I’ve been running it for 1 year now. No problems


I want to know how to do it please guide me

hello zhant, i would like to know how. can u teach me?

This step would depend on how many devices you have between your computer and the simcard (routers, modems, etc).
The default TTL(Time-to-live) value of an android phone is 64. However on windows and Mac it is much higher. So you will need to change it.

For Windows, launch CMD in administrator mode, and key in the following.

netsh int ipv4 set glob defaultcurhoplimit=x

for Mac pls Google how to change TTL on mac, for I am a Windows user.

x is the value that you will need to enter.

If you plug the sim into a 4G router, and connect your computer via WiFi or ethernet cable, the value of x would be 66. For every extra device between the 4G router and your computer, +1 to the value of x.


hi…how to do it…guide me please step by step

Pls refer to the post I may before this.

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dint work for me… run cmd as admin- type this netsh int ipv4 set glob defaultcurhoplimit=66 and press enter… right?

How is the simcard connected to your computer?

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Hye zhant, is it okay the gx50 set in the sim2?? Sorry bout my broken eng xD

Hi. Yes you can use GX50.

Hi zhant, can i have ur email address?? i would like to ask about the hotspot…

Later i try, thank you for your respond

It really works! thanks you so much for your guide. I have been using pdanet quite a time and I have done with its slow download speed, your guide was just right on time.


If my data plan isn’t unlimited (unifi BEBAS), this would just drain all the quota I have, right? I can only assume there’s no way to get around that.