Uber Request FREE Amazin' Graze Christmas Gift Box (Limited 100) 11AM - 4PM 20 December 2016 | HARGA RUNTUH

Uber Malaysia Free 2 Granola Packets & 1 Nut Mix Delivered to Your Address

On 20 Dec 2016, we're delivering Amazin' Graze Christmas gift boxes for FREE to get your appetite up before those big holiday meals!

On the 6th day of #UberTWELVE… Snack the halls!

Get healthy and festive all at the same time!

Today we’re delivering Amazin’ Christmas gift boxes from Amazin’ Graze to get your appetite up before those big holiday meals. Each gift box will contain 2 full-sized granola packets and one nut mix – perfect for that tasty snack to share at work or home!

How to Request Free Amazin Graze Christmas Gift Box?

  1. Open your Uber app on Dec 20, Tuesday, from 11AM – 4PM.
  2. Move the slider to UberTWELVE and request.
  3. Have the new Uber app? Tap the UberTWELVE card at the bottom of the Uber app to request.
  4. On a successful request, our team of elves will be on their way to deliver your amazin’ treats to you!
What You Need to Know Demand will be high & availability limited: Amazin’ Graze gift boxes on-demand will be available on Dec 20, Tuesday, from 11AM – 4PM. There will be 100 gift boxes available, so keep trying as we’ll be working hard to reach as many of you as possible.


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