Unethical Shopee Malaysia Scams Users by Refunding Money to Shopee Wallet instead of Bank Account (RESOLVED)


Beware of latest cheating technique used by official Shopee Malaysia (not its sellers)

I purchased a Watsons e-voucher deal from Shopee Malaysia website however as I was not able to use the chat function on Shopee website I was unable to receive the Watsons e-voucher code. As a result I cancelled my order and requested refund. My refund was processed however was refunded to Shopee wallet instead of to my bank account.

I am unable to transfer the money from Shopee wallet because I’m using Shopee website and not Shopee mobile app. My phone has problem with installing mobile app that’s why I cancelled my order in the first place as chat function not working on Shopee website.

Shopee’s official response via Facebook pm: As we mentioned before, we cannot proceed to process your monies from the Shopee Wallet unless you download our Shopee app and input your relevant bank account details as required for security purposes ya. This is because our application has a better security measure as compared to our website.

To make things easier for you, we would not require you to even add the Shopee Wallet pin, but it would be sufficient if you could just download our application and input your bank details so that we can proceed with the processing of your monies ya.

Kindly do note that, unless and until we have you following the steps to allow us to transfer your monies, we won’t be able to do so.

We apologize but this is for the benefit of both buyers, also to ensure a secured flow of monies on our platform.

We thank you for your kind understanding! :slightly_smiling_face:

It is a scam and unethical for Shopee to require me to install the mobile app just to get back my refund when Shopee should have my bank account details when I made payment (and I also provided full bank account info via email). Even Lazada doesn’t require me to download their mobile app for refund.

It is totally unlawful for Shopee Malaysia to accept payment via its website but refuse to provide direct refund using its website (totally no option) and forcing users to install its questionable mobile app which it claims has better security. Why accept payment through website if it is not secured?


After some emails back and forth and my request to escalate the case and to speak with the manager, a supervisor called me and promised to look into the issue.


Good morning to you. This is Supervisor from Shopee and I would like to followup with you based on our call yesterday.

I do apologize for the lack of knowledge by the agents who were assisting with your inquiry via Facebook. I can understand that this can be a frustrating situation to receive different replies from both ends. I shall be sure to align these agents with the correct and more helpful process moving forward. The assistance rendered to you via email was more of an unorthodox method of assistance; which was helpful for your account editing.

Regarding to the Refund processing, it is to my understanding that your account has been updated with your bank details and you have made a withdrawal request.

The Withdrawal is being processed at this moment and you can expect to see the amount reflected in your bank account within 3 working days, estimated on 17 July.

I shall be keeping this inquiry as an open inquiry until I receive further confirmation from you that the payment amount is received.

Thank you for using Shopee!
Warmest Regards,
Shopee Team

Thank you for your call yesterday - I very much appreciate you calling me instead of me dealing with inconsistent service from Shopee support staffs on email & Facebook. I’d like to commend your patience in understanding my problem and assisting in solving this problem.

The horrendous customer service experience that I received from your staffs which has caused me a lot of distress and hassle to even complain to Tribuna Pengguna and public forum

  1. Your Facebook staff kept saying sorry and nothing can be done even when I desperately asked for help repeatedly.
  2. Your email staff (check back the history of this support ticket to verify) asked me to download Shopee mobile app even though I have clearly clarified that I cannot use mobile app when I first logged this ticket (and explained that I have to request for refund in the first place due to the same reason).
  3. I don’t accept the excuse that Shopee is a mobile first e-commerce. I can only understand if you are mobile only then you should accept payment and process refund through mobile app only. However since Shopee accepts payment from consumers like me through website it is very unethical and troubling that refund can only be requested via mobile app. The refund on website could have been easily resolved via email or simple support request instead of using any unorthodox method of assistance. I also don’t buy the illogical reasoning that refund must be made using mobile app because it is the only secured way - why can you accept payment for my purchase through your website then if your website is not secured.


I’m glad that I can help you with this and once again I would like to apologize on behalf of the lack of service from the staff.

We understand that switching between mobile and the web may be a hassle and we shall take this as a pivotal mark for improvement from our end as well to ensure a more hassle free experience in the coming future.

Regarding to the voucher, I am pleased to let you know that we will be providing you with the voucher as per below:

Sorry Voucher code : SORRYVOUCHER10
Terms and conditions: Valid till 13 August 2017, 11.59pm. No min. spend required. One-time use only, applicable to all Shopee marketplace except for formula, food & supplements, diapers & potties, tickets, vouchers, mobile top-ups, sim cards and bill payments. Applies to payments involving Shopee Guarantee only.

In the meantime, we shall keep this as an unsolved inquiry until we receive update from you on Monday on the payment being credited to your account =)

Thank you for using Shopee!
Warmest Regards,
Shopee Team

Thank you for the voucher. I’ve just checked maybank2u and am happy to confirm that I’ve received the refund back to my bank account today (14 July 2017).

Once again I hope Shopee takes note of my top concern that since Shopee accepts payment from website, there should be an unorthodox way for buyer to request refund through website. Also, please fix the chat on website (it is not working not website regardless on web browsers I use), or implement the chat function for website if it is not already implemented.


I’m glad to know that you have received the payment much sooner than expected.

Regarding to your latest feedback and concern, I will be sure to bring this up to the management and developers. As for the Chat service on the website we have noticed the lack of function and our developers are working on the fix. Hopefully the chat function should be back to normal in the coming week.

Thank you and have a good weekend ahead =)

Thank you for using Shopee!
Warmest Regards,
Shopee Team


Hi All,

My ORDER ID. 171210224823QKT. shopee.com delivered dustbin product. once i ask refund. they ask my ordered product to return back to seller by my own. I asked sheller for this waste product. he replying “because there isn’t any problem of the dress only slight color difference, so you need to pay for the postage if you choose to return. Sorry about that.”

So donot buy any item in shopee.com in Malaysia . they are totally cheating person as a seller.
They delivered only poor material and poor stitching.

Even i can clean my toilet better cloth then this.


Thanks and regards