Uninformed shoppers stuck in car park jam for more than 1 hour when MyTOWN Shopping Centre closed 3PM on a Sunday (9 April 2017) due to power outage

MyTOWN Shopping Centre: Dear Valued Shoppers,

Due to power outage, MyTOWN Shopping Centre is reducing its operating hours today and has closed the centre at 3pm.

The issue is beyond our control but rest assured that rectification works are underway with close cooperation between our operations team and TNB. MyTOWN Shopping Centre will commence operations as soon as the issue is addressed.

We apologize for this inconvenience to shoppers and retailers and will provide updates in due course.

Thank you.

Chew Kean Siong: TNB is beyond ur control. Don’t tell me ur carpark is also beyond ur control. Lousy management. For the record. 1hour 10mins jam and still counting.

Chengmun Kok: We are frustrated not because of the closure. It’s because of: 1. The closure is not communicated properly and we were not asked to leave in batches. Everyone had to leave at the same time. 2. No one is at the parking to control the situation. Cars are stuck for almost an hour by now. Where’s the management personnel? Everyone is honking out of frustration because it is a Sunday afternoon, we should be elsewhere enjoying our weekend instead of being stuck in a car park for an hour :rage::rage:

Alfred Ng: Poor management and security guard management. No professional handling the customer queries. Poor customer experience. Pls send your staff to attend and manage the situation. Don’t know those foreigner security guards what they doing

Shusam Gan: Very good… now only announced… when all ppl stuck d jam for so long

Brian Lai Faizal Toby: How you think about MYtown? The most worst management mall in Malaysia.

Justdin Jamal: FUCKING TRAFFIC JAM at car park… Almost 1 hour

Khairul Fitri Sharif: Pls update us on this super stupid jammed in basement here! Being stranded like no action taken from ur side!! Or u guys wanna break the world longest jammed record in shopping basement

Niki Pui Kuan: If you are closed , please put a signboard in front of the junction , everyone is jamming to the shopping mall without even notice to your announcement! I’m jamming here for around half an hour more just to get to home where usually it’s only takes 10 mins . You brought disturbance to the residents! Such a lousy management!

Gary Phang: This may be the first & last visiting to your mall. Another poor traffic control & management. Jln Cochrane traffic already severely congested due to bad traffic light timing and sudden influx of cars leaving the mall, why still directing traffic from top level to B1 to join the nightmare at Jln Cochrane MyTOWN Shopping Centre?

Leng Chong Giunta: You may close the mall as long as you wish. Don’t rush to open your doors again. MyTown is clearly not ready yet, the power failure was a sign and it was not the only issue you are experiencing!

William Bob Bob: 3pm already knows closing down, why didn’t you have the courtesy to put up a sign or security persinnel at the traffic lights on Jalan Cochrane turn into My Town mall to inform people to turn back. Instead letting people drive in to the Jalan nakhoda yusof jammed up the whole road and forcing people to u-turn back to Jalan Cochrane and created a dead loop of traffic. It’s poor crisis management.

Warren Leow: MyTown and Ikea at Cheras have the worst access routes. Was stuck in the carpark for 20 minutes without moving a single inch.

Decided to go back up instead of breathing in carbon monoxide. To add to the frustration, they closed off several entrances to the carpark. The different parking zones were not linked together to facilitate the flow of traffic. In addition, the main shopping mall was shut down at 3pm without prior notice due to a breakdown in the air conditioning.

I recommend avoid driving or taking a car there until the management is able to solve its incompetencies and inexperience. The congestion is also causing major inconveniences to the residents and small businesses nearby. #mytown

MyTOWN Shopping Centre: MyTOWN Shopping Centre will open at 12pm today after a short closure due to a power outage yesterday. After round-the-clock repairs with the cooperation of TNB and the local authorities, the technical issues have been fully resolved. Thank you once again for your patience and valuable feedback, we are actively taking it on board to improve your experience.