What fuel suits hybrid car?

any hybrid car user here? what fuel do u prefer for your car? Ron95/Ron97?


I use ron97 because i want better performance. Also it is much suitable to use for my car

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Mostly recommended to use ron97… Especially if u have larger engine. It can help burns the fuel faster to go at high speed

Right… If u can find a good brand, your wallet wouldnt be affected as well :rofl: :joy:

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this is true… even tho the price is set, but not every fuel can offer u better speed…

yeah ron97 is for those who is looking for a powerful driving experience. ron95 can never offer you that

i always pump petronas. its quite economic. a full tank can last me for more than a week

yess. as for me i also prefer using ron97 bcause i can drive at any speed as well

Oh really? That’s not bad. But when i use shell, it lasts longer. Maybe about 10-12 days. :yum:

Hahaha this is true… Glad i dont need to worry about it. Because my fuel is super jimat

If im not mistaken, 97 can help burning the fuel faster, hence why it’s better to use at highway

wahh thats even a lot more longer. i rarely use shell so im not in the place to say anything

yeah if youre using super car its better to use ron97 because it is designed for such fuel so it will deliver better performance and better fuel economy

i wish i can use super car one day. :rofl:

i heard the shell v-power is used by ferrari in F1 and recommended by ducati.

Yea… Most importantly need to find fuel that help clean your engine :yum:

Yepp. It can provide better performance for your car so u wont feel clumpy when driving

Yaa. So then we dont need to go to workshop all the time u know

You should try maybe like a week or two then u can feel the difference!

True… I also when first started using shell… My car doesnt act up… Which is good :kissing_closed_eyes: