Worst Service & Terrible Experiences Using Uber & Grab

timothytiah: Anyway I asked him why he takes Uber instead of Grab and he said he’s never used Grab because of some horror stories he’s heard from his friends.

Horror stories?

I asked further and he said this friend of his was taking grab car and the driver was driving very recklessly. So she rated him really low. When he found out he kept calling her to harass her.

Wow. I mean I know we don’t like to take grab taxi in Malaysia cuz taxis here aren’t great and the drivers can be dodgy but why grab car drivers too?

Has anyone else heard of stories like this from grab or even Uber?

midnightwoes: I think it really depends on your luck, I’ve had great experience with Grab so far in Singapore and I’ve tried Uber twice but both times I had a horrible experience. Think I’ll just stick to Grab haha.

candystyle: uber in sg could be really pure luck. I tried a free ride once and the driver is not fam with GPS and keep doing wrong turns. well it happened with another uber driver too. I guess it’s really pure luck on which drivers u meet

creamyz: I will nvr use uber ever since they hacked my account and charged usd300++ to my credit card. Apparently the transaction was took place in the US that the pax took the uber turning ard the city and even cemetery (yes u didnt see wrongly, i saw the receipt that email to me after the pax took the uber and the address is some cemetery place!) juz to charge the significant money from my account. Btw i am using uber sg thou.

I am grab user ever since my horrible experience from uber

lautw: had bad experience from taking both uber & grab…
problem with uber is the driver tend to use a longer route to charge u higher fee…
problem with grab is their car condition & cleanliness, every time I encountered is smoke coming out from their car aircond…

shadine: only for uber actually! grab drivers have called me back before to scold me for cancelling :unamused: not my fault they’re terrible at directions and can’t seem to find a prominent mall.

eikochan: You can actually complain to Uber. They will check the route used, and will refund you the money if they find the driver did indeed used a longer route.

I find some Uber drivers here like to “pretend” to miss a turning etc so we’ll end up taking a longer route. I got this impression because Waze/ Google clearly said to take the left turning etc but the driver ignored it until we asked him to turn left. I feel many of them are taking advantage of users who don’t bother to complain.

janeylee: Had bad experience with Uber though. Was being charged toll which didn’t exist in the first place for twice. Complained yet no update. -.-

leannsow: I have story with grab car Singapore too .Cancelled the trip cause the driver too forever to reach. Then he called and scold me. But this happen once only so it might be exceptional case.

charlottewangwang: The last time I took a GrabCar the driver was also selling some MLM health product and badgered me the entire ride to buy/ help him sell. I said no multiple times, he asked if he could message me and I said no. BUT he still messaged me several times after that!!! Wrote in to Grab but never got a reply.

3rdteen: I had a bad experience with grab taxi too. But this is in Singapore. I pressed grab car by accident and yet I got a grab taxi. The grab car driver kept calling me every 1-2 min to harass me while I was on the taxi! I was so terrified. Wrote a complaint to Grab but I guess nothing’s been done.

calvinadawn: Was told that grab and uber operates a little differently. With grab, the drivers decide if they want to take you or not. But with uber, apparently they are assigned passengers. Sure, they can choose to accept or reject but if they reject too often, there is some kind of penalty or you get called in for a chat. I prefer uber cos with grab, I’ve had drivers cancel my booking before but hardly ever with uber.