5g or stick with 4g

I saw several affordable 5g phone out already from xiaomi, oppo that will be offering under Rm900 should i invest on those phone or just get a cheaper 4g phone?

My suggestion is go with 4G first, cause I dont think 5G will be that soon available in Malaysia

Eh 5G phone so cheap meh? Below Rm1000 also can get 5G now? My phone wifi also cannot support me the speed I want lol

I feel u hahaha now all work from home, all use the wifi
Sometime I even use data at home, luckily have the subsidy from the government

Government subsidy for wifi or data? Wow that’s so good man
I wish to have that too, can u share more for this?

I think that apply on certain people only for government subsidy for phone and internet plan. But still okay la for B40

You can check on your telco website. Im using umobile and by now got the link already to check if you can get the rebate

I qualified to get free phone and looking forward to get it for my father so he can video call during MCO

Me too but still confused to use it for which telco that can get more rebate huhu

Yes it is call Jaringan Prihatin B40, purpose is to help the B40 to stay connected through telco company

My friend do the comparison between telco before and he say that Celcom have the highest rebate

Alamak now I only know that there is this program, I am a B40, this really help me and I am using Celcom as well, let me go and check check

Ya actually many people still dont know about this yet so u can share with ur friend as well ya or u all can Liked Celcom FB page to know all the latest news

Yup i think so too bcoz i do some survey other telco just give up to RM300 only. But monthly plan subsidy quite okay la

True tho. Celcom give extra RM60 rebate for prepaid and postpaid customers that offers up to RM360 Rebate Under Jaringan Prihatin

I also heard celcom postpaid and prepaid monthly Internet plan user will be able to enjoy free 2GB Internet for one hour daily via the Celcom Life app

Tempted change for celcom since still got affordable prepaid Internet plan under RM30 only

Another thing is that the data Celcom give not just like 1/2GB
just top-up a little then can have 7GB dy

Oh ya I already redeem my and my son is having it for classes
line all ok. no lagging nice la Celcom

7GB still consider not much still okay la if you’re heavy internet user like me lol. I think my mom suitable for celcom plan since she just scrolling fb all the time