Another way to send gift using Boost app

just saw this in youtube, find out it’s kinda cute and fun.
let check it out :

it’s an apps called Boost btw :wink:

oh I know this apps !
the one you can collect point and redeem some vouchers and in the same time you can send gift to the beloved one haha
my sis is using this apps for her prepaid top up too

Boost ?? not bad its look an attractive tooo but thn is that safe to use this to topup ?? and i cnt get how to collect points and redeem it since it’s an apps …hw ???

is this that helpful or not? i guess giving real cash much useful, they can decide what to get or save into bank?

i feel troublesome using this app to top up, since every telco built in can top up also, and also the coupon offer in boost are not much as i wish

but the concern here is this is a special way to send out your gift , i think this is quite fun
you might have a try maybe, you can surprise your friends and families in this way haha

not bad huh, now my mum also using this for top up her prepaid card
as she is new to smart phone but this apps quite user friendly so my mum can easily handle it already which is very convenience to us also

useful apps finally self topup apps is here n somemore with the extra benefits …
not bad but then is that need to pay for the apps?? and what kinds gifts can redeem once gather points ?

I am using this apps now. It is very useful as users can collect point to redeem gift vouchers and mobile top up. It can help users to save time beside that this apps also cn use for send gifts to anyone

For what i know is it is ree of charge of using this apps. There are a lot of free gifts available like lazada vouchers and so on. u may check on it and see.

woah it seems like a great apps as can enjoy many benefits through this apps. I would like to donwload frm google play store and see how its working~

this is free one no worry , just try it out for free :wink:
i tried it for few weeks dy, so far no problem at all

you might try it out and check it out at the link i shared
it can help you to know more details about this apps , enjoy ya !