Any cheap data plan out there?!

I urgently request for a cheap and affordable data plan because my job needs me to have data in my phone! I have never subscribed to any data plan before because wifi is always available at my home, restaurants and so on. Hence, I would prefer a data plan that is cheap enough, no need to have too more data or so on, and it has to be postpaid because I can only claim from my company if that is postpaid plan! Thanks for ur help!

How much is ur budget sis? I suggest u to purchase those plan which can bundle with phone one, since u can claim from ur company what haha~

Hmm if u don’t need a lot of data, maybe u can just share data with ur family members sia? I heard quite a few of telco got this kind of promotion lately, but don’t really know which one best choice lah! I just know celcom thr got give free phones, others not that sure

Any prepaid plan will do, they got many different quota amount of internet plan.

I am currently using Hotlink prepaid, quite good though can get extra data when they are doing promotion.

Also, from time to time they will sent special personal data promo plan through sms.

which telco you currently using? just use back the same telco la
no need think too much

prepaid plan like not worth to get, since all of the telco are offering postpaid plan

Nowadays all data can get high speed and huge data… most important is how to manage the data…
like i heard celcom now able to sharing data if you are not finish, the benefits is more than everything i think…

Depends on your affordability. Also, prepaid will have promo from time to time too.

hmm, not sure I seldom check on postpaid plan.
But data sharing seems good idea.

But u cannot deny prepaid is far more cheaper than postpaid! And prepaid is more flexible cause u don’t have to pay it every month, and can just but data which is enough for ur personal use only

Definitely~ at least when u are running out of data you don’t have to subscribe the expensive add on. Can just request from other to share. Also, I saw that plan got free couple of devices. Have anyone can confirm the free device is valid?

But I need postpaid plan instead coz if prepaid then I cant get allowance from company for this~

Ermmm how do I share my data with my family? By? Do u mean subline? Any great deal that u are aware of?

Quite true now… even postpaid every almost free and no different if you get prepaid… anywhere i saw celcom now can share data… no sure prepaid can do it also?

Are you talking the family package offered by celcom?
can share data and get free phone if you sign up the plan… go timing also i heard my friend said…

Otherwise I think Umobile P28 plan is quite good. But very limited calls offered only, unless you use whatsapp call etc. 3GB of data is quite sufficient