Baby boy delivered in GrabCar on the trip to hospital gets FREE Grab rides for life


Grab: IT’S A BOY! We’re overjoyed to hear that a baby was delivered in a Grab ride yesterday while on the way to the hospital. We couldn’t have been more proud of our driver-partner, Grace who remained calm and brought both parents and baby safely to the hospital. To celebrate this joyous event, we are giving the baby a LIFETIME of FREE Grab rides! We’re also preparing something really special for Grace. From all of us at Grab, congratulations to the wonderful parents and their bundle of joy! #GrabBaby

An eventful evening: The friend who was riding along with the expectant mother holding the baby boy after he was delivered in the back seat of Grace’s Grab car.

Pregnant woman on the way for check-up delivers baby in Grab car instead

PETALING JAYA: A routine job turned into a race through rush-hour traffic for Grab driver Grace Nesamani Raju when the back seat of her car turned into a delivery room.

When the 45-year-old responded to a ride request from Bukit Bintang to Sentul Medical Centre on Thursday evening, she was concerned about her pregnant passenger’s well-being from the get go.

“I asked her husband if his wife was in pain. He said ‘Only slight pain’,” she said.

The woman was accompanied by her husband and a woman friend to a check-up as the baby’s expected due date was only next week.

Grab driver Grace Nesamani Raju.

Grace, who has driven full-time with Grab for nearly four months, was in heavy traffic when the pregnant passenger suddenly started screaming.

“She said she could feel the water breaking, and she really could not stand the pain, so she was screaming and screaming,” said Grace.

With no alternative, Grace weaved her way through the peak-hour traffic, turning what would have been a long drive into a half-hour one.

“The minute I stopped the car at the entrance, the baby was already out, right in front of the hospital,” she said.

A security guard was informed and the car’s passengers were asked to wait as nurses rushed down.

They cut the umbilical cord and took the healthy baby boy and mother inside to receive medical care.

Grace went home for the night after the incident, but not before having the car cleaned.

Yesterday morning, she was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Grab, which conveyed heartfelt thanks from the woman’s family.

“They didn’t have my number, so they informed the Grab office to pass on their compliments.

“I’m really happy because I helped save two lives – be proud of Grab drivers! All glory to God,” she added.

Source: The Star Online