Best telco for 5g


Nowadays, telco are competing each other in order for serving better 5g. SO, which telco do you guys think will serve better 5g in future?


i think celcom will be the top one. they have less problem compare to other telco . coverage quite good also.


i think celcom and maxis will have better 5g since their 4g is also good


tm maybe? i can see that they will be more efficient deployment of 5G network


why is that so? i was a unifi user, i am always dissapointed by their service so i decided to switch to maxis fiber


I don’t think that their collaboration will work, they both in their crucial state of bad services, especially maxis. Why bother need to do 5g then


They already want to do 5g stand alone , which the first one for 5G in Malaysia, in which other telco won’t do it unless they riding on tm’s after this hahah


Yaa! My friends keep on swearing on their maxis line whenever we’re on a trip or hangout, even in KL! I guess not maxis then hahaha


They got unifi mobile right? Perhaps their unifi mobile same services as their wifi unifi ya


tm is worser than maxis fiber based on my experience. their coverage is limited


both line sucks, unifi block certain websites so i cannot open them


there must be a reason why other telco want to do non stand alone. maybe they dont want to depend on tm


what websites ya?inappropriate websites blocked by MCMC ,not unifi.


my office use unifi almost 5years d. so far no problem. we do online business and everything depend 100% on the internet. Maybe some places la less coverage.


celcom and maxis have poor line coverage, rural place most of the time only got 3 bar signal


coverage so poor ald want to expand to line 5g, can’t image how will their 5g works…


Not confident at all. TM has the infrascture, why the other big telcos share the resources and improve their internet. I think it will cut costs a lot.


@comeylote huh? dont want depend? tm already come up with stand alone? then why dont all telco do this? why only TM stand up to do on their own . other telco no budget :money_mouth_face: ?? tipu lahh. if dont want to depend then why dont they do these? so call big plan :sleepy:


I’ve said earlier, if they cannot install their own fiber than it will be a problem for them. Then we should see they will overclaim others fibre over and over again


That’s the thing. Wasting money on collaborating but no effort on doing this a lot better. If they want to compete in a good way, they should show that they can beat tm. But yup, you can see that won’t come right