Beware Lonely Lady Driver: Kajang Silk Highway Fake Accident Robbery Incident

Lim Kerchwing: Dear friends and family,

Unfortunately, I was robbed by a group of motorcyclist when i was driving home alone. It was a common fake accident tactic, they managed to trick me down my car at a high traffic area, then snatched my valuables from me. Gladly i am not hurt, only minor injuries.

Please be careful, be alert, and be selfish while driving on road at anytime and anywhere, especially lady driver that travels alone. Please install camera front and back as precautions to avoid being a targeted victim, also it could be useful when you make police report.

Full story as below

The incident happened at kajang silk highway near food court outside country heights (right opposite shell) wednesday at around 10pm.

It was slow moving traffic with driving speed less than 20km/h and very high traffic area because its close to the sungai ramal exit. When the car in front of me break, a motorcyclist hit me from the back just like he cant manage to break, very natural, doesnt feel fake at all. Then he pretended his motor broke down, and stopped by the road side.

By monitoring from my rear mirror, he seems like he is having problem, then another motorbike stopped next to my car and asked loudly “tak boleh gerak ke? Tak ok ke?” With their good acting, i thought i should go down to find out how serious, whether he is injured, and take a look at my car. I didnt think too much since its a high traffic area on a 3 lane highway and everyone was driving slow.

I went down with my phone on my hand, wanted to take some quick picture as record and leave immediately if its not serious. So i went to the back of my car where the motorbike that hits me stopped, then i asked him whether he is ok, and whether the bike can still move. He looked quite blur and pretended to check out his bike instead of answering to my questions. So i hold up my phone, wanted to take picture of his bike, then i realise, there’s no registration number at the front of his bike, and i felt something not very right. Before i manage to snap a quick picture, the other bike that stopped next to my car earlier suddenly say something to distract me, the moment i turn my head towards them, the guy on the bike reached out his arm and snatched my necklace. They start their engine and prepare to flee after they managed to snatch the necklace.

When this 2 motorcyclists trying to run away, suddenly 2 more motorbikes came out from no where and called them with some signal. 4 of the motorbikes, a total of 7 guys then stopped right infront of my car, 2 guys came down running towards my car and went to my passenger side to take all my valuables which includes my laptop bag, my purse(i dont use a handbag) then fled the scene.

All 4 motorbikes took out their registration number and could not be identified. When i was making the report, the police asked me on the model of the motorbikes, honda or yamaha, i have no idea at all.

Some quick tips:

  1. I think its good to have some general knowledge of various bike model from now on.
  2. According to the police, they dont take iphone because its easy to track location by find my device function and its difficult to unlock. So its an extra advantage to consider when you were to invest on iphone.
  3. Put all your handbags and valuables in the car boot.
  4. Install dash cam and rear cam, they will avoid you as a target victim.
  5. Choose the route that allow you to drive fast / smoothly, avoid jam area that allow them chances to create small fake accidents.
  6. Dont be kind. Its okay to be selfish.

Be safe.