Beware of Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 a Fire Hazard: Malaysia's First Incident of Samsung Galaxy Note7 Catching Fire

This could be the first case of a Galaxy Note7 catching fire in Malaysia

If you’re still using a Galaxy Note7, you better take note of this. A Samsung Galaxy Note7 had caught fire in Malaysia this morning and it looks like an official unit from Samsung Malaysia.

Robson Ng had shared his ordeal on his Facebook profile. While he was driving home with his wife at about 4AM this morning, his Galaxy Note7 had started emitting thick white smoke. Despite the chaos, he had managed pull over to the emergency late before putting the fire out.

According to his replies, his Galaxy Note7 was plugged into a car charger at the time. He also claimed that a Samsung representative had contacted him on Friday about the refund process but he wasn’t informed about powering his unit down.

As announced last tuesday, all Galaxy Note7 users are urged to switch off their devices including those that were replaced during the first recall. The ill-fated Galaxy Note7 had problems with its battery and it is unfortunate that the recent replacement had failed to solve such issues. As a result, Samsung had decided to stop sales immediately and urge all customers to return their devices for their safety.

If you know someone who is using a Galaxy Note7, do let them know that they need to stop using it immediately. Robson Ng was fortunate enough to be unharmed while others might not be that lucky.

Samsung Malaysia is offering full refunds for the Galaxy Note7 as well as the option to exchange it with a Galaxy S7 edge with RM300 cashback. You can read the full details here.

Source: SoyaCincau