Chemist Warehouse to Open in Malaysia

Chemist Warehouse to launch in Malaysia

Australian based CW Retail Asia has entered into a joint venture in Malaysia to roll out a chain of pharmacies under the Chemist Warehouse brand.

Chemist Warehouse Berjaya Asia will be run by Morning Charm, a company just acquired by Berjaya Corp (BCorp), in partnership with Melbourne-based CW Retail Asia.

BCorp has taken an 80 per cent equity interest in the venture for RM80,000 (US$19,520).
“The project will enable the BCorp Group to expand and strengthen its pharmacy distribution and retail businesses under the co-brand names, as well as making its foray into the pharmacy warehousing business sector,” says BCorp.

In Australia, CW Retail supplies goods and services to pharmacies and operates pharmacy retail chains.

The two partners in the venture say while the initial focus will be on the Malaysian market they may open stores in other Asian countries in due course, under the Chemist Warehouse brand or another.

The new company will also supply goods and services to Cosway Pharmacies, which will be re-branded as Berjaya My Chemist pharmacies, and to Tigas Alliance pharmacies. Chemist Warehouse Berjaya Asia and Berjaya My Chemist pharmacies are members of Tigas Alliance, a pharmacy banner group in Malaysia.

Source: Inside Retail Asia