Converting gas car to electrical power?

Anyone have experience converting fuel or diesel car engine to use electrical power engine or hybrid? I have heard about this but not sure which car can be converted to electrical power. I think if can should be good for my car since hybrid car can save some fuel.

ehh i dont know we can change from petrol to electrical? hmmm sounds interesting but isn’t troublesome at some points because what it would be difficult somewhat to find the sources when we have problems with the car

Im not quite sure la if it’s worthy to do it but probably the high end cars are easier to convert the power. just… better just stick to petrol la. easier to find also

we have the same ideaa hahaha plus iim not sure if it’s good with environment since they come with charger right… for safety also just use normal petrol la. get service by the worker too

yupp now climate change scary la… i still prefer the normal way bcs I’ve been using shell right and there’s no problem. including my budget and to the petrol itself

doesnt it difficult for u to go for along distance journey and worry about charge left

indeed, maybe 10 years later it suitable for malaysian to use but for now the petrol is the best

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exactly. bcs people now have to maintain their monthly budget lah with covid… what petrol are u using. are u good with them?

true. i dont think every petrol pump can support electrical power though… just use shell lah everything is save with how they promise XD plus easy to find

im using caltex but quite okay la. didnt notice any special and i think whatever brand is similar right

mind to share the benefits of shell or ur experience drive with shell?

from my experience, obviously i choose them because it saves my money la bcs when I use another brand, it’s hard for me to save for my self use. and now I use their fuelsave right, I can also get extra km from the one I paid! u should try them too bcs it protects our engines as well

oooo it’s not same actually hehe because different brand, have different absorption. some u have to repeatedly fill ur tank, but luckily mine I dont have to hihi

woah so can go extra km with the same amout paid of other brand right. thank goodness i will definitely become loyal user to cut my fuel expenses which are cost a lot.

so i got misunderstand about the usage and benefit of each brand. yea i will fill up my tank once in a week.

haha if all of them are the same, we wont be having different brands then! if u use shell, u only have to fill 2 or 3 times in a month… especially if u do grab, it’s much suitable :smiley:

hahaah yaa before this even i just ride motorcycle, it costs me quite a lot. but now I have my own car and good petrol, I’m blessed to found shell… cause it saves my budget a lot hihi

that a lot of saving. it took 4 times at least in a month. will have a new experience with shell then.

nowadays is raining season so much better to use car eventho im prefer motorcycle bcos it save a lot of petrol usage bcos no aircond and easy for traffic jam. so im glad that i know shell here so no worries la later.

Yup… always raining hard early ramadhan… better pakai kereta je go anywhere… another thing best when use shell u can swipe the bonuslink to get 4x points.