Digital Agriculture


iya ke stable? sbb saya pakai unifi tm ni, line kdng2 laju kdng2 slow hmm


lepas ni senang lah kerja2 org tua kat kampung, tak payah lagi susah2 nak menanam huhuhu


oh mcm tu ke… tapi saya pakai tm kdng2 tak stable jgk. cam mana ek?


after this we can eat more cheaper strawberry ald, yeah yeah


only signed ahhh? when did they want to launching out 5g? waiting for so long ald~~


LOL, u very like to eat strawberry? cameron highland strawberry not tat ex, if u buy at landed places it’s ex


not only sign…actually they got successfully testing 11 cases 5g at langkawi already, subang also got…


seldom go to cameron highland, so only can buy at some supermarket, so it’s quite expensive


btw, when did they want to cover 5g to other rural places, so pity they are now using 3g


then next time after the tech of 5g is coming, u can but cheaper strawberry can eat until u scare


mayb need double yrs compare to the city area, bcoz rural area now ppl become lesser can lesser


Really, where they signed the memorandum??


I dont think in urban area still using 3G this is because, previous year they have build the station around the urban area in order to make more connection to them, so they still using 4G


i dun know how long will i will wait for it to coming… sure it is long


not really, when i went to kampung area for CNY, my line is only 3g