Digital Agriculture


This is interesting… Seems like we can already planted highlands plants on laded and hot weather. How cool is that


betul tu. takdala susah nak menanam nanti. lepas ni senanglah kerja manusia yg suka menanam ni ehehehehe


tm has already signed memorandum of collab with LADA (Lembaga Pembangunan Langkawi or Langkawi Development Authority) in order to do use 5G in Langkawi development.


nasib baik tm buat 5g stand alone kan, at least cepat and efisien daripada yang lain


yeah! Human utilize network to create new technologies to improve agricultural, especially highlands plants…


what is the relationship between this memorandum TM and LADA with technology for planting highlands plants?


True, now, 5G technology could enable new precision agriculture capabilities on farm equipment leveraging real-time connectivity, but when will other telco companies build their own infra to bring immense benefits to the farming sector?


Then, will they implement and foray into 5G technologies for smart farming in rural and kampung areas to help farmers utilize the intelligent drones to monitor their crops and livestock?


Other telco dont have infra. Thats why they are doing non stand alone rather than 5g stand alone


Of course they will. It’s only just a matter of time, their 5g is already in trial phase


hmm tapi kan, TM jeke yang buat standalone? Telco lain tak ada ke?


yalah, dulu try line telco lain mmg xstable, lps tukar TM, mmg stable, laju dan efisien


They can cooperate with TM to do the 5G stand alone maybe?


Yea, they will, because 5G technology can help farmers to increase their crops especially in kampung areas


Ya, i know that, TM has signed the memorandum with LADA to use 5G


that’s cool, later we just plant the highlands plants at the backyard, no need to go pasar or somewhere else to buy the plants :rofl:


same here, dulu guna line umobile bnyk je problem, skrg tukar ke tm dh semua ok line pon laju


Yea can reduce the cost too


Line tm memang stable lah tak sabar nak pkai tm punya 5g


LADA put trust on tm’s 5g because they are doing it stand alone which is fast and eficient