Firefly Malaysia Email Scam Alert

Firefly Email Scam Alert

  1. What is an email scam?
    Scam emails, (sometimes called “phishing emails”), are attempts by a third party to get you to part with information, usually your name, IC number, residential address, telephone number or your bank logon details. They do this by attempting to disguise themselves as a trusted organisation: your bank, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Facebook or even Firefly airlines. Normally they will attempt to persuade you that you need to provide your personal details, and possibly other information.

  2. What to do with a fake email / email scam?

  • Never reply to a scam email or click on a link within the email!
  • If the email is purporting to be from Firefly’s Operation Centre or Customer Care, you should notify Firefly who may then wish to forward a copy to its IT or Fraud Department. If the email is from a third party, then check their websites. Many banks will have an address that you can forward the emails to so that they can take action.
  1. What can happen if you do reply
  • If you provide your personal details, then your account will be accessed and may be used to send spam email to others. Your password may be changed and your email may be redirected to a third party.
  • If your account is compromised you will need to disable your account to ensure that no further damage can be done. Spam email sent from our servers in this manner can damage Firefly’s reputation and also lead to us being blocked by other email servers.
  • If you provide your bank logon details then your account may be accessed and money removed.
  1. Ways to spot a fake email

    • It will ask for your name, ic number, residential address, telephone number, or even bank logon details.
    • The use of English may be suspiciously poor, with frequent spelling and grammatical mistakes.
    • It will often have very general details, for example “Dear Webmail user” or “Dear Customer”.
    • The “From” address is not “” or “”.
    • The email will often be classified as Spam email by the AutoSpam system. Genuine emails from Firefly will not be classified as Spam.
  2. Example