Flying cars or drones?


2020 already and people keep on making meme about flying cars that seems to be impossible nowadays. Do you guys think that the prototype is really flying car or just drone?


I think the prototype is drone only, coz the flying car is very difficult to realize.


don’t think so…have u guys heard about 5g nowadays? if 5g stand alone, more efficient than non stand alone, so i guess this drones can work efficiently then. not flying carssss! gosh


huh?flying must use internet meyh? means if connection slow then only can go below than 60 la? :laughing:


ofc drone je. flying car tu macam tak berapa nak logik je hmm


5g standalone? no, tak pernah dgr pulak. apa tu?


yessss, 100% correct


what 100% correct bro?


I think just a drone. I don’t think we can make it possible. our technology not that super canggih.


5G standalone ni network 5G tanpa LTE…ia akan offer internet service yg berkelajuan cepat, efisien kpd pengguna.


what are the specials for this network as compared to the 4G network?


this 5G standalone network can support various solutions such as 5G connected smart traffic light, smart safety, smart security, smart parking system and so on.


Yes, if we use drone because currently we use 5G, so maybe can use 5G to control over this drone


For 5G is 100 times of 4G, could u imaging that we use 5G to control over those technology


Really ?? if how about faced traffic jam?? how can traffic light works??


they are testing 5G use cases for smart traffic light right now… I think theywill introduce to us once the testing of system achieve the best result…


ahahaahah maybe laa?


only drone la bcs flying car is difficult to realize


what did u mean in realize or not realize because flying could be invented in one days, so 5G just the initial step and they will launch the flying car


How about those traffic can apply for motorcyclists, and those for ambulance? how to control over it??