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Download MyDigi App FREE 1GB Internet

Be a newbie on the MyDigi app and get 1GB FREE Internet instantly.
  1. Step 1: Download MyDigi mobile app from Apple App Store or Google Play and log into MyDigi mobile app for first time
  2. Step 2: Receive a welcome message in MyDigi app landing page and is informed to redeem MyDigi Welcome Gift.
  3. Step 3: Go to Add-Ons in MyDigi app and click on Freebies Redemption. Select on MyDigi Welcome Gift 1GB under Freebies Redemption to redeem the Welcome Gift at no cost.
  4. Step 4: 1GB data will be granted under “Internet” in MyDigi app and has a validity period of seven (7) days
We’ll give you 3 good reasons why MyDigi is the place to be
  1. We give you goodies MyDigi users enjoy exclusive deals and offers, plus extra Internet credits.
  2. We can do anything, together Manage your account, check your balance, pay your bills, there’s almost nothing you can’t do on MyDigi.
  3. We let you add on Whether it’s a one-time internet add-on, prepaid reload or talktime advance, you can add-on all you want here.

MyDigi App FREE 1GB Internet Frequently Asked Questions

What are the conditions to be eligible for this promotion? This promotion is eligible to users that download the MyDigi App for the first time. What is the redemption validity day in MyDigi App? You must redeem the MyDigi Welcome Gift 1GB within 24 hours upon receiving the gift ready notification. What is the usage validity? You can enjoy MyDigi Welcome Gift 1GB with usage of 7 days. How soon do I get the free MyDigi Welcome Gift 1GB after downloading MyDigi App? The free 1GB Welcome Gift should be provisioned in your MyDigi Freebies wallet within 5 minutes from download. Where can I redeem the MyDigi Welcome Gift? Upon receiving the reminder notification, you can redeem the gift from Add-ons > Freebies Redemption. You 1GB internet will be reflected at MyDigi app homepage [internet]. If I have my own mobile internet plan and with the free 1GB given, which internet data will I consumed first? Upon internet usage, you will consume your free 1GB internet first until fully utilized (in 7 days) then you will consume your mobile plan internet.

Download Link: Android Play Store, iOS App Store

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