MyDigi Mobile App Free 1 GB Internet Data Quota Scam: Digi's Customer-Deceiving Practice & False Advertising (RESOLVED)

MyDigi App Free 1 GB Internet Data Quota Scam / Customer-Deceiving Charging Practice

I received 1GB Free Internet through MyDigi App last week for my Happy Prepaid and the free 1GB internet quota was supposed to end 8AM today (26 April 2017). However, yesterday night (25 April 2017) I used it to watch some videos on YouTube and exceeded the free quota and was charged until my balance became RM0.00.

As you can see, from my MyDigi mobile app, I could still see that the Free 1GB Internet data quota has 2MB left and would only expire the following day.

This is totally scam and deceiving as I only plan to use up the free 1GB quota. However I did not receive any SMS notification nor was my internet stopped after exceeding the free 1GB quota. Instead I was being charged exorbitantly without any notification until my balance reached RM0.00 where my Internet then stopped.

Digi refused to provide immediate refund even though this has been reported to them. Now my only hope is for MCMC to take action against this unlawful practice which is totally deceiving and cheating regular Digi customers with false advertising scam.

Instead of solving the problem immediately Digi finally came back to me by email by demanding for details… really wtf and inefficient!

Thank you for writing in.

With regard to your email concern in regards to the PAYU charges. We would like to seek for your kind cooperation to provide us the below details in order for us to assist you with better clarity.

Details Required:-

Are you the registered owner? :

Mobile Number: 01460

Your Full Name:

Your Last 4 digits of IC Number:

Frequent Called Number/Friends & Family Number (Mandatory Verification Question):


Digi Customer Support:

With regards to your concern, we truly regret the negative experience encountered and the inconvenience caused to your good self pertaining to the highlighted issue. Please take note that our SIMcard will come with internet connection. We have checked and confirmed that previous charges on your mobile number come from data Pay As You Use (PAYU) charges. Without Internet package if your mobile data on you will be charge under data PAYU RM0.50 per 50KB and max cap of RM8.00 per day. However, we have proceed to deactivate data PAYU service for above mobile number to avoid from similar charges in the future.

Hope this explains.

MyDigi Mobile App Free 1 GB Internet Data Quota Scam

The standard reply above just proved how incompetent and ineffective Digi customer service is. They did not understand my situation at all. This is not acceptable because in MyDigi App it was still showing 2MB balance left from the FREE 1GB. Please see screenshots that I’ve included in the first post. In other words it was Digi’s fault in misleading me and false advertising. My request is simple: I want refund immediately.

After showing Digi all the proof to prove that Digi in fact was scamming and deceiving me and assuming that I was ignorant about Internet charges, Digi finally gave in as I have strong proof (the screenshots) and explanation which Digi just don’t have any excuses anymore.

Thank you for writing in and we hope that this letter finds you in good spirit and health.

Kindly be informed that we will refund the RM8 back to you and it will be reflected within 5 working day.

We hope that our assistance helps. Your feedback is very important to us, please take a few minutes to complete this survey ( to improve our services.

Second Scam: Digi Cheated Me With Refund Amount

However, today I checked and saw that Digi refunded way less than RM8 as promised in the email (black and white writing). This is second time Digi lied to me, the first time was the above incident posted in this topic. Digi is bringing so much inconvenience to me as a customer due to their business practice preference to lie to customers in every chance they get. It is totally time wasting!

Digi didn’t understand my frustration: First Digi scammed me with the free 1GB internet advert/promo. Second Digi scammed me again when customer support said refund RM8 within 5 days but it actual only RM4.55 was refunded in the first five days.

Is this how Digi treated a 10 years loyal Digi subscriber like me? I wasted a lot of my time dealing with these scams but no response all this while until I raised this complaint with MCMC / SKMM. This is terrible service, no wonder Digi lost as much as 523,000 subscribers in the first quarter this year!

Thankfully, after I made the complaint to MCMC / SKMM, Digi finally took my case seriously:


Number: 0146xxxxxx

We are writing this email to firstly, apologize for all the unpleasant experience that you had with us. We appreciate your effort in highlighting your concern and we truly respect your view which was purely from your perspective as a user.

Please allow us to shed some light into this matter. The main purpose of rewarding customer with the Free MyDigi Welcome Gift 1GB is to encourage our users to download and use the new MyDigi mobile apps and we clearly have no intention to extra charge customer by granting 1GB free internet quota upon successful download of the new apps. We also thank you for downloading the new apps to your device.

The free internet will expire in 7 days after redemption. The free internet that we gave will also run on the same platform with the default internet that you have under your sim. that you have The default internet that we refer is the pay as you use (PAYU) internet. In the event if PAYU internet is removed from the sim card, you will not be able to use the free 1GB data. Except that you have requested to block the PAYU internet, no PAYU charges shall incurred. Therefore, you was charged for the ongoing connection of internet on the said date and resulting RM4.55 PAYU internet charges to deduct from your balance. As of now, the PAYU internet has been blocked which was since 28/4/2017. This may avoid similar PAYU charges to incur in the future. About the advised amount of refund of RM8, we apologize for the miscommunication as we supposed to state RM4.55 and not RM8. Nonetheless, we have seperately adjusted RM3.45 to made up the misinformation so that you will received RM8 refund in total as this is the amount that we have stated in our email.

All in all, we regret that our best efforts do not meet your expectation although we certainly undersatnd your point of view which was from your perspective. Having said that, we truly hope that the above explanation is adequate to establish a better understanding over this matter and purely on one time only goodwill basis, we will credit RM20 to your balance within 2 working days. Thank you for your long-standing support and we look forward to many ways and oppurtunities in the future to serve you better.

If you have any further enquiry or request, kindly call us at 0162211800 or feel free to e-mail us at

Last but not least, please help us to complete this survey to improve our services:

Thank you for being a Digi customer.

Customer Service
Digi Telecommunication Sdn Bhd.

Finally, I accepted this RM20 credit as goodwill.

I have been a loyal customer with Digi for more than 10 years - I have 2 mobile and 1 broadband services registered under my name with Digi. That was the main reason I was extremely frustrated when this incident happened. In fact, the satisfactory resolution of this incident shows that (and I still believe) Digi is the best telco compared to others which I have faced much worse and disappointing customer service such as webe which violated Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) like nobody’s business and failed to provide justification at all when I complained.

Key Takeaways / Lessons Learned

  1. General to everyone: Always make a formal complaint with MCMC / SKMM if you are unsatisfied with the your mobile / broadband service providers’ way of handling your complain. It’s completely FREE and so far based on my anecdotal experience it is very effective to redress my complaint & dispute resulting in a satisfactory resolution / final outcome. It would be handy if you take screenshots, proofs etc and provide as much details as possible in your complaint so that MCMC can understand your main frustration and the unfair practices of the telcos.
  2. Specific to Happy / Digi prepaid users: If you are taking advantage of this FREE 1GB Internet When You Download MyDigi App (First Time User Only) promotion, make sure you contact Digi support to first turn off the default pay as you use (PAYU) internet to avoid getting charged for internet after the free 1GB quota used up completely.