Game of Thrones All Seasons Uncensored Full Version Available on Astro Go App

You can now watch Game of Thrones uncensored on Astro Go

Yes, you read that right. Much to our surprise, the full episode of Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 2 is now available for streaming on Astro’s Go service, without any cuts or censorship. While it does come with a 21 and above warning, we did not expect to be seeing any nudity considering the HBO televised version on Astro was heavily butchered.

We can also confirm now that earlier episodes from Seasons 1 to 6 on the Astro Go library are also not censored in any way. If you have not heard of Game of Thrones, IMDB’s parental guide has summarised it nicely here and Huffington Post has a complete NSFW guide here.

Parents, please take note that as far as we know Astro Go does not come with any parental lock or restrictions, so leaving a device with your kids to watch their daily dose of Cartoon Network might end you up with a nasty surprise.

If you have a signed up Astro Go account, just head on over to Astro Go!

Source: Lowyat.NET