How to bypass Digi Infinite 80 & 100 Internet hotspot tethering block & tether limit?

How to bypass Digi Infinite hotspot internet tether block?

  • Change the official APN settings to another APN by the same network that does not implement tether block.
  • Root your Android phone to enable USB debugging (Developer Options > USB Debugging) so that PC can tether to phone via USB.
  • Install mobile apps like FoxFi and install browser add-on or plugin like User Agent Switcher and change the computer Internet browser's user agent to be the same as mobile phone's user agent so that the network thought you are browsing the web from a mobile phone.
  • Use the simcard in a mobile router device (MiFi)

Please share your tips or links if you manage to hack Digi Infinite plans to share your unlimited mobile Internet hotspot data with your Mac, Macbook, laptop etc. Thanks!