Incident of irresponsible Malaysian driver throwing rubbish from car went viral on social media

Meichin Teo: The driver of the white Axia NDD 5202 was smoking with the car window opened in front of the traffic light. A second later she/he dumped a tissue out from the car. So I get down from my car, picked up the rubbish and threw back right to her/his/TB face. The light is turning green so I got to get into my car quickly and no chance for me to scold that litterbug. Again, she threw out the tissue and speed off… such an asshole.

What can I do? Not sure where to report her so I drove to a nearby police station at Old Klang Road to seek opinion where/ who should I report to regarding this matter. A lady police Cik Suhaila (ID: 165088) assisted me.

Police: Nak report apa? (not looking at me and playing with her finger)

Me: Tadi I kat traffic light depan nampak ada orang throw rubbish out from the car…

Police: hey hey, cakap Melayu boleh?! (continue playing with her finger and refused eye contact)

Abit pissed at her but still I ceritakan the whole thing to her in Bahasa without mixing with English…

Me: I dah ambil gambar kereta dia

Police: Buat apa?!

Me: So saya boleh buat report dan tunjuk plat number kereta dia.

Police: Untuk apa?!

Me: Untuk buat report (ggrrhhh)

Police: Tak pernah ada orang report pasal buang sampah merata.

She was so impatience and treated me as if I’m a joke since it is a very small case and no one else did that.

Me: Siapa boleh saya rujukan?

Only then she unwillingly gave me MBPJ contact after I requested few times who should i refer to…

Phoned up MBPJ and told her the whole story again…

MBPJ: apa? buang sampah? sampah apa

Me: Tissue

MBPJ: apa? tissue? tak pernah ada orang buat report buang sampah merata…

Me: Ya tissue, tak kira sampah kecil ke sampah besar, itulah sampah yang dia buang dari kereta… kan tu kesalahan?

MBPJ: nah ambil nombor ni dan whatsapp kita. xxxx ok bye.

I hope government spend some money for the police officer to attend ceramah or soft skill course. At least look at me while you are attending a rakyat who is making a report case to u. Things will be easier if they tighten the littering law like what Singapore did. I was so surprise both of the parties told me no one had reported littering from car as I seen this almost everyday! I was lucky today because the driver was stopped at traffic light so I can pick up the rubbish and throw at her face as what I always wanted to do !!! Be civilize people!!!