Lazada scam customer by refunding cancelled order with store credit instead of direct transfer back to bank account even when bank details were provided promptly (RESOLVED)

Lazada Malaysia Cheat Customer with Store Credit as Refund for Cancelled Order

Recently I purchased an item on Lazada that costed me RM499 and I paid using online banking Maybank2u. However, the following day Lazada cancelled my order citing limited product quantity. A few more days later, Lazada sent me an email asking for my bank account details.

Email Subject: Item(s) in order 3xxxxxxxx has been cancelled (Reason: The product you have selected may have limited quantities)


We regret to inform you that the item(s) listed below has been cancelled. If you would like to repurchase the cancelled item, please visit Lazada website for alternative supplier of your desired item again.

Kindly provide your bank details for us to process your refund by clicking the below button. Refund status will be updated via email within 1 – 3 business days. For more information on refund lead time, please click here.


We are committed to refund your money in the shortest time possible. Should we fail to receive your bank account details within 24hrs, we will reimburse the paid amount in a form, Store Credit. The Store Credit code will be sent to you in a separate email.


  • The refund amount will be the net amount paid (or store credit used) by you and will not include any voucher amount. For more information, please check our Voucher Terms and Conditions.

For further assistance, please check our Help Center or contact our Customer Service.

We look forward to serving you again in the near future.

Best regards,
Lazada Team

I promptly clicked the button and entered my bank account details in less than 1 hour after I received the email.

However, after 4 days from the above email, I received an email from Lazada today:

Email Subject: Refunds is reimbursed with Store Credit


Thank you for shopping with Lazada Malaysia. We have not received your response in regards to your bank details for refund. However, we are committed to refund your money in the shortest time possible.

Kindly be informed that reimbursement for your order number 3xxxxxxxxx will be fulfilled as Store Credit code. Please refer to the details below:.

Store credit: LAZ1234xxxxxxxxxxxx
Amount: RM 499
Validity: 365 days
Usage: ONCE

To learn how to utilise your voucher, please visit the link here.

Should you require further assistance please feel free to revert to us and we will be glad to assist you. Check out the infinite possibilities at your fingertips on here.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,
Lazada Team

Lazada Malaysia Store Credits Cheating Scam

This is totally unacceptable because of the disadvantages of store credit compared to refunding cash back to my bank account via online transfer:

  1. You have to use the whole amount of the store credit in one go, the balance if any will be forfeited. For example, if I were to buy something for RM10 using the store credit code above, the balance of RM489 will be void and forfeited or invalidated.
  2. You cannot combine store credit with Lazada voucher code discount. For example, if I were to reload RM100 U Mobile Top Up on Lazada, I could use these RM15 OFF RM100 Lazada voucher code to get 15% discount. However, store credit cannot be used in conjunction with Lazada voucher code which means I am not able to enjoy discount compared with if I pay with other mode of payment.
  3. Store credit can only be used on Lazada Malaysia, not 11street, not Shopee, not Qoo10, not Ebay, not Lelong, not any other website. Now that my order is cancelled, I should have the right to purchase my item any place I want, including physical shop in shopping malls or any online e-commerce website. However, this store credit will limit me to only purchase the item using Lazada Malaysia so that Lazada can make a profit from my money!

On top of these 3 valid reasons, the most important reason of this complaint is because I have already entered my bank account details promptly the time when I first received the email. Lazada cannot just twisted the fact and accused me of not entering my bank account details hence they refunded me with store credit!!

Even worst, when I tried to contact Lazada Malaysia customer care via online chat [Contact Us
Live Chat (Mon to Fri/ 9am to 9pm)], I received this

Thank you for choosing Live Chat Lazada Malaysia. We are sorry as all of our agents are currently busy or you are trying to reach us out of our operation hours. Please try again later.

This is not true as the time right now (Friday 8PM) is clearly within Lazada operation hour. This is another sign that Lazada is so used to lying to its customers even for small details like operation hours.

Lazada Malaysia Scam Store Credit Refund Cheating Cases

Turns out I was not the only victim for this Lazada Malaysia store credit refund scamming. I found many victims that experience the identical Lazada scam and complained on public online forums.

sweetpea123: stupid Lazada, They sent an email asking for banking details. I replied ALL details and when I checked with CS today, they say they refunded through store credits. STUPID OR WHAT?

petang makan maggi: Anyone else here didn’t get their refund back yet?

I submitted my details to them right after getting the void order email (which they purpose/not on purpose delayed till this Monday) and now they are refunding me in store credit.

sweetpea123, same problem here, they really enjoy keeping our money for generating interests I think.

MrWrath: happened to me twice, each time I have given bank account number as required.

birain: i also got store credits, only can use for 1 item. :stuck_out_tongue:

wokies: i still didnt received my refund for phone glitch…already give bank details…LOL…found it…lazada give store credit…but the reason is, ‘We have not received your response in regards to your bank details for refund’’

i already replied all email with bank details…WTF… :rage:

Belphegor: Anyone from the glitch period having any issue on their refunds? I submitted my bank info to them within timeframe given but they ignore and gave me store credit code. :unamused:

I email them already, pending reply. Why so slow ah? laugh.gif They sent me the code, I’m like wtf? I want moneyyyyyyyyy! :grin:

hown: same.i gonna screw them hard

Belphegor: Anyone been through their refund process? OMG I used credit card, done within 4 days, I do online transaction to purchase, refund status more than 2 weeks edi still haven’t get the money. :rage:

They arse itchy. I filled in the form but they claim i didn’t fill in. So I had to send them email and ask for refund. 1 - 3 working days drag until 5 days also cannot get the money. :angry:

I did. they gave me store credit when I specifically asked for money refund. I told them i long time edi send them my details before the 3 day period to send me store credit. Im still withhelding the store credit until they send me my money! :rage:

Not interested with their store credit since I got nothing to buy now. And if I sell the code also gonna make a loss. Might as well ask them give me refund.

I constantly sending them emails edi. So frustrated need to wait so long for refund

adamhzm90: last time i also encountered the same situation. filled in the form but they claim i didnt. I just replied that i did and screenshot the form and they refunded to me the next two day

After complaint to Lazada via email, Lazada replied:

Email Subject: [Lazada Malaysia] Re: Refund via Store Credit


We are committed to refund your money in the shortest time possible. Kindly be informed that reimbursement for your order number 3xxxxxxxx has been fulfilled as Store Credit code and sent to you in a separate email.

Note: Please check your inbox/ spam/ trash / Promotion tab / Social Tab/ Junk folder

However, if you would like to request the refund transferred to your bank account instead of receiving a store credit, please reply to this email providing us with your bank account details for us to proceed with your refund:

Account Holder Name:
Bank Name:
Account Number:
IC Number:

For CIMB customers, please provide your 10 digit account number.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused and look forward to filling your future orders in timely manner.

Our utmost thanks for your kind patience in this matter and all the inconvenience caused is mostly regretted.Note: To check for Product Origin and Standard Delivery time-frames, key in your postcode in the “CHECK” box, on the top right hand corner of the product page.

Should you require further assistance please feel free to revert to us and we will be glad to assist you. Check out the infinite possibilities at your fingertips on

Thank you for shopping at Lazada Malaysia.

Customer Service Associate|

After I replied that email, Lazada sent another email saying that refund is in progress.

Email Subject: [Lazada Malaysia] Re: Refund Request In Process

Dear Valued Customer,

We’ve marked this ticket 2xxxxxx as solved. Not true yet? No worries. Just
reply back or click the link below and we will be glad to assist you.

Please take a moment to answer one simple question below:

How would you rate your recent experience with our Customer Service Agent?

Good, I’m Satisfied

Bad, I’m Unsatisfied


Thank you for contacting Lazada Malaysia.

We received your refund request for the following Order Number: (3xxxxxxxx). The total amount due for refund is Rm 499.00 and our finance department is in the midst of processing your refund.

Once your refund has been processed we’ll notify you via e-mail of your refund status. Refund will be processed based on the mode of payment of the order.

The time it takes for your bank to process our refund request, depends entirely on your bank.

Credit Card: 5 - 15 Business Days.
COD / On-line Banking: 1 - 3 Business Days.
Pay Pal: 24 - 48 Hours.

Feel free to revert to us with any further queries or comments you may have. For in-depth information, visit: Thank you for shopping at Lazada Malaysia.

Customer Service Associate |

How could Lazada customer service mark this as solved ie. case closed when I still have yet to receive my refund money in the bank after so many days of waiting thanks to Lazada’s mistake (unlikely as it did not just happen to me only) or even deliberated scam (as evidenced by so many cases reported)?

Of course I immediately replied to the email to ask this case not to be closed as long as the refunded money does not appear on my bank account. Also, I clicked ‘Bad, I’m Unsatisfied’ link to complain about this unprofessional customer service. No thanks, Lazada!

Finally the refunded money has showed up in my bank account (15 May 2017) after providing my bank details again on 13 May 2017. Case closed.

I did response to their email on the same day I receive the cancellation email, but I also received the same email like yours. I feel like being cheated. I use Shopee and I got my money refunded directly to my bank account. Why Lazada is practicing this kind of method?

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how long does Lazada refunds? It’s been 2 months since they told me they are going to manually refund it. Is that their way of stealing money? How lousy and incompetent their customer service is.