NGV can reduce our fuel cost?


I only heard of NGV used for taxis in Malaysia, but i just know about NGV can reduce our daily fuel cost but in terms of performance, petrol gives better power and mileage. Anyone can clarifies this?


NGV can give us many benefits. you can read this


petrol gives better power and mileage? I would say NO. Mileage is heavily dependent on your driving style, leaving apart the condition of the vehicle.


As I know using NGV , the car seem no power enough its will slight low upon drive .


I think NGV will be cheaper and cost saving compare with fuel cost .
there are some few brand vehicle are using NGV gas


Actually , there are a lot ppl also say like that , fuel is more power compare with NGV . NGV cost saving . Moreover , there are limit of area can pump NGV , ie only Petronas


yeaaaa it’s true. sebab tu la banyak public trans cam taxi and grab tu banyak guna ngv gas


yes n also its depends on car cc as well, bcz if you see means my sister using perduo persona 1.6 cc …omg ! the petrol was like boomb man ! Its drinking the petrol like water only…but i am using the wols vento yeah its realy super save the petrol actaully… but i am using petron and sometimes using shell


is that good mix petrol fuel for care ?
by the way i am using petronas , not bad until now. Thier service good too…
But heard shell also nt bad actually…petron means nvr try before…but is tht all the petrol station petrol same or having differences ?


depends but possible means dont mix petrol …not tht good.
i am using petronas only … its not bad …n they even having app to fuel petrol…
might be you cn try it out.


it depends la. but not that good actually.


yeppp true, kalau cc kereta besar, cepatla minyak habis huhuhu.


as i know, ngv can save our money bcs the price will be cheaper compare with fuel cost


I am using Shell ,its feel ok . I hear BH petrol is better but there is less station compare with Shell & Petronas.


yes . specially foreign car like Audi, Kia , etc . these brand car body are heavy , hence it use much petrol compare you using Toyota car .


May try Shell , no harm . I did tried BH , it seems more power compare with others.


yes so . I know major are taxi using NGV . and certain car purposely modify to pump NGV instead of petrol due to cost saving .


yes . depends on car cc and model of car .
Sometimes it cant justify .


yes . benefits is save money ,but know its need pump NVG frequently as it fast finish . Time consuming also .Every time need queue up


yes it is ,but if there is no power if using in big cc car .There is no point as generally command . There have diff opinion on diff ppl view …