Pervert Caught Red Handed Filming Lady's Up-skirt Video @ Shell MRR2 But Walked Free from Police Station Due to "No Solid Evidence"

Mun Mun Tan: BEWARE! This incident happened on 09/05/2017, Tuesday MORNING at Shell MRR2. Sick bastard got caught filming women’s up-skirt. Police report was made and wasn’t accepted because there isn’t any “valid evidence” to support as the phone being throw by the victim and couldn’t be switch on. This is ridiculous, women must beware of this sick man, he is still out there!

请女生小心这个人!斯文败类 !变态!!光天化日偷拍女生裙底!报警 警察说没有证据因为手机已经被扔坏!这个变态现在还在外面逍遥法外,行为举止极度恶心 这件事故是09/05/2017早上发生在吉隆坡某油站的便利商店。请小心注意,现在不是晚上在外危险,早上也要提防了!