Pizza Hut Wow Take-away Personal Favourite New Flavour: Pizza Boom / Pizza Bakar aka Burnt Pizza? (RESOLVED)


Pizza Hut Wow Take-away New Flavour: Pizza Boom / Pizza Bakar aka Burnt Pizza?

Pizza Hut Boom / Pizza Bakar aka Burnt Pizza

Aroud 11AM today we ordered 2 takeaway personal pizzas - 1 hand-stretched Vegie Lover and 1 hand-stretched Deluxe Cheese at a Pizza Hut outlet in a shopping mall. Then we went home eager to eat the pizzas as our lunch. When we opened them at home we were shocked with the quality control @ Pizza Hut Malaysia. How could these over-burnt pizzas be given to customers? We immediately disposed these overcooked / burnt pizza and totally disappointed with this particular Pizza Hut takeaway experience.

Pizza Hut Wow Take-away Order Receipt

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Went to Pizza Hut Facebook page to complain but totally no reply in messenger. Checked the page and saw so many 1 star review ratings given by disgruntled Pizza Hut customers - those who paid but extremely frustrated with either the food quality and/or customer service experienced.

16,000 1-star reviews tell you how bad Pizza Hut Malaysia is in terms of food quality and customer service. This is troubling & worrying sign of the systematic failure @ different Pizza Hut Malaysia outlets! Even worse (but also unsurprisingly) all recent Facebook reviews ( ) are one-star worst experiences reported / complained - a sure sign of Pizza Hut Malaysia getting worse day by day.

Pizza Hut Malaysia Terribly Bad Reviews (1-Star Ratings)

Ratheesh Kamaras: Worst service! Keep getting worst day by day. Entire floor not even 1 waiter. All in kitchen all the time. Only 1 person at cashier! Order 4 person set meal x 2. Total 8 drinks. They served 6 drinks and we keep finding staff to ask where’s my fucking 2 more drinks! Came one lady, wait sir they making you drink. I wonder how u make revive in your kitchen for 15 minutes!?? Total we order 4 appetisers. Came only 2. We asked why only two, they lady which claimed supervisor said u only ordered two. I said check my bill, then she said ok we send now. Wth??? Staff level rubbish, management level worst! Fucking worst job #pizzahutmalaysia

UmiErneedot Tahir: termasuk yang hari ini, dah kali kedua saya check out dari Pizza Hut Taman Maluri (store ID : 3010015) tanpa dapat full order (docket no.: 30501)

saya order set lunch personal pizza. selain dari pizza, ok saya dapat on time. tapi pizza, hmm sejam menunggu, sampaikan pelanggan yang datang kemudian dah dapat dulu. bila saya tanya mana pizza saya? jawapan yang sama, ‘kejap nak check, kejap nak check’. kamon lah, pelanggan bukannya ramai pun dan pizza yang saya pesan bukannya size large pun.

sudahnya saya pergi bayar tanpa sempat pun merasa pizza tu. dan tanpa rasa bersalah, staff bungkuskan saja pizza saya yang dah lama siap tapi tak hantar2 tu. siap hentak2 kan cash register machine pulak lagi dan buat muka tak puas hati.

saya takkan stop makan pizza hut ni, tapi yang pasti saya takkan jejakkan kaki lagi kat branch Taman Maluri ni.

Leelavathi K Raju: Dear Pizza Hut Malaysia,

Why your service is so bad?
I have ordered from the set for 1 person as in the picture. After I got my mushroom soup and waiting for my garlic bread to eat with my soup, you tell me no garlic bread and ask me to take fries. If I want fries I will go to McDonald’s or KFC. I came here cause I want garlic bread with soup.
Further to that if you don’t have garlic bread you should have told me when I’m placing the order and not after that.
Your staff serve the garlic bread with a grumpy face and place the pizza at the other corner of the table. I’m wondering who is sitting there.

Such a bad service at Sunway pyramid Pizza Hut.
In future need to check if they have what’s on the menu even before sitting inside n start placing order.

Disappointed and dissatisfied customer!!!

Khaleeda Hoho: Hi, i would like to make a complain against your restaurant staff and poor services last sunday 19.46pm at Pizza Hut Sri Damansara. First, we really had a bad time waiting so long (about 1hour) just for a regular size pizza (which is far cry from the estimated waiting time as promised), not to mention the surrounding was so dirty as the staff did not bother to clean up all the dirty plates/dishes on the tables (no family-friendly atmosphere although we need to pay for the tax), we asked the staff to clarify on the terrible services provided but one of them answered back in a very unethical way stating that they are currently facing shortage of workers (a-ha we can understand that but then…) and the customer will never understand the situation unless the customer work here…(haha seriously?). there are no sense of urgency back at the kitchen (because i went there to check) resulting poor productivity and mismatch of the demand-supply from your customers. If only pizza hut will take care of this mistakes in the future and providing us with value-for-money services… thanks

Aprilsha Aziz: I want to make an official complaint for serious lack of judgement. I went to Pizza Hut at Sentul Raya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 29 April, 2017, 16:56:35. After I finished my meal, I wanted to use a washroom, then I asked one fine lady staff for the direction, so I went to the upstairs. After I am done my business, one of the male staff approached me when I’m about to wash my hand and he asked me if I already paid the bill or not? I feel offended! He treats me unfairly, like I’ll eat for free and plan to run away from my responsibility to pay the bill. I cannot believe this unpleasant thing happened to me. No one has ever treated me like that, never! I am not freeloader either unfortunate one or whatever your staff has thinking in his mind. This is so wrong & unacceptable! I am absolutely disappointed! #pizzahutmalaysia #pizzahutproblem #pizzahutusa #pizzahutuk #pizzhutaustralia

Soon Teck Gan: Bad experience at bukit kemuning at 355pm 21 may 2017. When Order is 20 min but pizza received with keep chasing your crew its more than 30min. After reach home found that both large pizza also given wrong favour.

Your shop is huge but only one traniee work at counter. He gave me the pizza Late reason is another trainee work at kicten still new take time to cook pizza. Your shop manager (dark gery shit) lady is type message at phone and hidding at behind counter and without to manage your shop condition.

I was disappointed that your crew not quality control (not cross check with receipt), worst service (not manage well)


Brian Gan: I would give zero if it’s there. Order my pizzas at 345pm and by 4pm someone called to ask locations. Said pizzas will be here in 10-15 mins. Waited till 430pm and call them. Person who picked up is ridiculous. I said I want to know what happened to my Pizza. She said your pizza is already out for delivery. The irony? I didnt give any details. I said I didn’t give you any details how u know my Pizza out? Only she said sorry and do some checking. What the heck??? And now it’s 1 hour plus Pizza still not here. The bloody Pizza hut store is just a 5 mins drive. I think I’m gonna eat cold Pizza.

As expected, cold Pizza, pizza cannot be even detach from the lines. To add to it, your people forget my address and called to ask my address again after I’m so pissed.

Mohd Asri Yusof: I have been a fairly regular customer at your Jertih branch. But that’s only because there’s no competition. Nobody else makes pizza here, and if they do they pour mayonnaise on it, which is supremely stupid.

So that makes you a default choice. Not because you’re any better at service, but because you’re the only choice.

For the past year I’ve been noticing a decline in service standards. Your servers know little about what they sell, and their supervisor seems to think he runs a haute cuisine restaurant that entitles him to be snobbish towards his mostly rural clientele

So i never dine in, only takeaways for me. And I’ve been using the same phone number for .at least the past year to phone in my orders.every 5 to 6 weeks.

When i tried calling in my order tonight, nobody answered the phone.

I went to the outlet to order in person and to complain that nobody was manning the phone.

Imagine my surprise when your staff nonchalantly said they had changed the number. Again. And for more than​ a YEAR…!

They blatantly lied to my face. I had called in using the previous number (now apparently only used for the credit card line) every 2 months at the most since 2016 and they say they had changed the number more than a year AGO??

I must say that your training standards has slipped too. When i went back to collect my order, the front desk server handed me my pizza without a single word. Not even “order cik ni”.

Please rectify these slip ups. Or don’t. Up to you. You probably don’t make any money in Jertih anyway.

Michelle Kuan: My sons online order combo pizza at 6.20pm(7th May) and need to wait an hour, we all agree. But 7.20pm we still waiting, my sons make a complain 1300-88-2525, she told that need to wait another 15minute to complain, so we wait till 7.45pm to make second complain, she told that she need to call the Bandar Puchong Jaya branch what happens, wait another 10minute in the call still nobody answer, i hang up the phone. 7.50pm call from puchong branch they need to delivery on another 10minute, i feel hungry and disappointed in this service. In addition we order another pizza they just use 35minute to deliver. I hope that your service can be improve in the future time.

Ira Syahrina Syamsuddin: How can Pizza Hut Seksyen 6 Kota Damansara ask for service charge when their service was so bad? They didnt prepare the spoon and fork, we called them but nobody came, I have to get it by myself, the staff gave me the utensil, I check the spoon and found it was dirty, then the staff perli me do I need other utensil (you should know what you should provide us in order for us to eat properly). Serving good was so late (almost 1hour) that my friends had to tapau. Seriously? I wonder if I ever come here again. Thanks for spoiling the mood!

Choon Ngen Chong: I was disappointed with the outlet management at ioi mall puchong. After served our drinks, We waited for more than 30 mins to check where our soup and one of the waiter told that “mangkuk tengah basuh” ??? We waited another 20mins for the pizza but after almost an hour our food yet not all served; most funny part is main course served but the appetizer yet to be ready. When ask the waiter told me ”dapur sangat busy";“your order masuk baru sejam dahulu”. I’m really disappointed at last we been served 1/2 size garlic bread.


Case Resolution: Pizza Hut Sent Us Replacement Pizzas + 2 FREE Mushroom Soups

After some time passed having no response on Pizza Hut Malaysia Facebook messenger, I proceeded to make the complaint on this Customer Service for QSR Brands (M) Holdings website:

About 2.5 hours from the time I made the complaint I received a call from Pizza Hut Area Manager. She apologized for the burnt pizza incident and promised to deliver 2 replacement pizzas to compensate the 2 overcooked pizzas that we disposed.

About half an hour after that, the Pizza Hut Outlet Manager from the particular outlet arrived and personally delivered the pizzas to my house (FREE Delivery!). In addition, he also offered 2 FREE mushroom soups as compensation for the troubling inconvenience and bad experience we had today.

Pizza Hut Wow Takeaway Personal Favourite: Deluxe Cheese & Veggie Lover

Pizza Hut Replacement Pizzas + Free Mushroom Soups + in a Nice PH Take-away Recycle Bag

We accepted the replacement pizzas and sincere apologies from both managers who said the burnt pizzas might be due to overlook by new (and inexperienced) staff.

Overall we are satisfied with the explanation given and the subsequent prompt compensation provided. We see this as an once-off incident which very rarely could happen based on our personal experience of being the loyal Pizza Hut customers for many years (most Domino’s Pizza value on prices can’t compete with Pizza Hut even when using Domino’s Pizza promo code).

Pizza Hut Take-away Promotion: RM5 Personal Favourites, RM10 Regular & RM15 Large (14 Choices of Hand Stretched & Pan Pizzas)

In fact, since the value-for-money RM5 Pizza Hut Wow Take-away Promotion launched in October last year, we have been regularly ordering them instead of cooking lunch/dinner at home without any issue. Out of at least 30 times we ordered Wow Takeaway promotional pizza, this is the first and hopefully the last unsatisfactory consumer experience we had with Pizza Hut Malaysia.

We thank Pizza Hut for taking such prompt action to resolve this complaint. We have no problem to visit Pizza Hut again in the near future.

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Update: Pizza Hut only responded to my Facebook messenger message on 5:32PM (more than 4 hours after I messaged PH) around the time when we have just finished savoring the free replacement pizzas & cream of mushroom soups while they were still hot! Lesson learned: complaint through Customer Service for QSR Brands (M) Holdings website for fast resolution.

Pizza Hut Facebook Messenger Chat Reply Promising to Escalate