Product of engine oil

hi all, since im newbie to car, i need to know which product of engine oil are suitable for my new saga flx, is there anyone driving this car too?

too many type of saga at the road, sometimes i cant differentiate which model is that, haha
anyway your saga still under warranty or you send to proton service center?

Is there any brand you prefer? or you open for any brand that can help your car improve the engine performance?

My brother car is new Proton Saga 1.3, he always using shell product, few month ago he use the helix HX7, he said his car become more stable to drive. Then he suggest to me, and i suggest to you now.

Just let the Petronas syntium help your car become an jaguar~

hahaha, that a bit overstate in a funny way. But i think both Helix HX7 and petronas syntuim are both provide wear protection, that really can decrease the car engine damage.

Petronas syntium can become jaguar, are you sure anot?
how about shell helix hx7 will become F1 Ferrari… hahaha
engine oil not for speeding one la…
just for engine protection and reduce the rub damage on your engine…

If your car still new, just take to the proton service center la
I think they will help you change back the proton semi synthetic oil

If still new under warranty just go back the genuine workshop but not all using good engine oils…
After the warranty end you may purchase from outside like shell station helix let workshop change it…
nothing one… so far shell helix hx7 ok for sage series as reduce the engine noisy… hahaha

How to define reduce car engine damage? although i’m using shell helix too but dont think it can reduce my engine damage… after half a year i need always bring to work shop wash the engine dont what wrong with it… piss off

If not engine oil problem i think you better bring your car for full checkup…
normally if your frequency for car service it wont happens like that…
buy better engine oil like shell helix ultra… it is a full synthetic to protect your car…

Are you sure you used the genuine engine oil from shell? I think maybe is your engine problem not engine oil. Your car ald old hahaha.

I’m not sure…thanks for your advise, when I free will take the car to service, but honestly said that the car really quite long time don’t hv service already
Shell Ultra… I don’t think my car need to use expensive engine oil…If after service not the engine oil problem, will remain the same brands

not necessary to get shell helix ultra for his saga flx, its a bit too expensive for normal car, shell helix hx7 will do for the car, although its not full synthetic, but semi also will protect the car, keep engine running clean

sometimes its hard to know whether its genuine engine oil or not, but however its much safe that we buy from genuine shop such as official shop, and always do price check, cheaper not the best too… i always buy from shell station the shell helix, confirm wont be fake oil from there, haha

since the shell are most ppl suggest and there is the pros and cons, i think its quite common product for me, as i always can see the poster in workshop, i might take a try on this, but shell helix hx7 will do…