Ribena Concentrate Blackcurrant Drink Product Recall / Withdrawal Issued by Suntory


Ribena recalled nationwide over faulty bottling process

KUALA LUMPUR: Local favourite blackcurrant concentrated drink, Ribena has been recalled nationwide effective Aug 12.

All variants of the Ribena concentrated products were recalled due to the product being exposed to air during the bottling process causing it to expire earlier, in a statement by the manufacturer Suntory Beverage and Food Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

The voluntary decision was made to withdraw the products from retailers, warehouse and distributors in order to not compromise the quality and safety of the consumers.

“Although not every bottle is affected, consumers are advised to not drink the beverage if it appears unusual, tastes or smells sourish,” the statement said.

“Ribena Concentrate with the flavours Blackcurrant Regular, Blackcurrant & Glucose in pack sizes of 600 ml, one litre and 2 litres sizes with expiry dates from May to Aug 2018 have been recalled,”.

“One litre bottles of Ribena Blackcurrant & Strawberry and Blackcurrant & Blueberry with the expiration dates of Feb to March 2018,as well as Blackcurrant & Apple flavour expiring between April to May are also recalled,".

However, all of Ribena ready-to-drink products such as sparkling Ribena, pouch pack, packet drinks and PET Bottles and Ribena pastilles are not affected and still available for purchase.

Further investigations are still ongoing while the production for Ribena Concentrate products has been halted until investigations are completed early next week.

For more information the public can visit their Facebook page, Ribena Malaysia, email them at mysuntory@suntory.com or call the hotline at 1 800 88 6200.

Source: New Straits Times Online

Product withdrawal in effect for Ribena drink concentrate

PETALING JAYA: Beverage manufacturing company Suntory has issued a withdrawal for certain batches of its Ribena drink concentrate, but its line of ready-to-drink products are not affected.

In a statement the manufacturer said it suspected that the drink concentrate had been exposed to air during the bottling process, leading to earlier quality deterioration than the stated expiry date.

Although not every bottle is affected, the manufacturer advised consumers not to drink the Ribena product if its appearance was unusual, tasted or smelled “sourish”.

Suntory will be recalling the following Ribena variants with the specific expiry dates from its warehouse, distributors and retailers – Blackcurrant Regular (May to August 2018), Blackcurrant and Glucose (May to August 2018), Blackcurrant and Strawberry (February to March 2018), Blackcurrant and Blueberry (February to March 2018) and Blackcurrant and Apple (April to May 2018).

Production of Ribena concentrate products at Suntory’s contract manufacturing facility in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, have stopped until investigations into the cause of the product deterioration are complete.

However, the company stated its Ribena’s “ready-to-drink” products are not affected by the production issue and will be available to consumers.

Consumers unsure of the quality of their product can contact Ribena’s customer hotline at 1800 88 6200 or email mysuntory@suntory.com for more details.

Source: The Star Online


Ribena Malaysia: Dear Ribena Friends,

Recently, there has been some news circulating around that is creating confusion about Ribena. Kindly refer to the attached official statement for clarification.

If you have further questions, do feel free to contact us via Facebook, our customer hotline at 1800 88 6200 (9am to 9pm, Mon to Fri) or if the line is busy, please email us at mysuntory@suntory.com. Please be assured that we will be replying to all your PMs, calls and emails. We appreciate your support and understanding with regards to this matter.

Thank you.

Warmest regards,
Ribena Malaysia