Road Trip JB-IPOH better by bus or car?

Hi. I want to travel alone to Ipoh from JB. Plan to take a bus from JB to Ipoh. But I’m afraid if it will take a long time to arrive. I have minor slipdisc so cannot sit for too long. So which one is more faster? Bus or should I drive? I haven’t use bus in a veryyyyy long time, last time was in 2009 :joy:

Personally think if you opt for affordable rate, you can consider bus cos it’s so much cheaper.

You probably could try using the app, with red colour and bus icon. Forgotten about the name but they have cheaper rate & can choose your preferred bus company.

If you are budget traveler - As an alternative, I think you can google search for bus ticketing website. There are like tons of it online for you to do compare pricing and selection.

what about the seat? can i choose my preferred seat? i love to seat by the window

yeah i always use easybook. for new user can get up to 52% discount while existing user can get 30% reward cash

Yes, you can choose your seats and your preferred bus, it has like wide range of bus for selection.

That’s sounds good! I’m currently using redbus cos new users get RM20 in their wallet upon sign up by default & if you often travel you will get promo code for 50% off.

I heard about this before, is it a bus ticketing website or app?

i hope there’s a bus with toilet. im the type of person that will go to toilet every 2-3 hours lol

how to get the discount ya. i have downloaded the app

You can even choose your preferred bus, some bus they don’t have toilet but some they have it, it really depends on your selection and also choices provided.

Yep, it’s a bus ticketing platform where you can book your bus anytime anywhere.

I’ve checked the promo code is BUSPASS then you can redeem at discounted rate, which is much more cheaper.

thanks now i can book the tickets happily. cant wait to inform all my friends so that they can join me as well

does it cover thailand and singapore too? or only malaysia?

For bus ticket, I don’t think it is available for oversea yet but you can book for Airport Transfer like KL Sentral to KLIA.

It save time and most importantly it is convenient with some perks for user.

No, at the moment only Singapore is available. But Thailand is not available yet.

what are some of the other perks? i would love to know more