Samsung Galaxy Note8 Phone Finally Released in Malaysia, How to Buy at Cheapest Price Discount?


Recently heard about note 8 finally release, any method i can buy though except Samsung…? purchase with samsung = no discount lor that phone release with high price also :neutral_face:


yalah !! samsung new phone price alrdy well known as “OP” and also price drop very soon… if no discount just wait for few more month maybe cheaper


Price drops very soon?! No, not really. I believe the price will only drop when they established S9, which means u still have to wait for a very long time lol


@liquidity y don’t u try to get it with installment instead? if u cant afford lump sum payment, installment is the best option since when u distribute the cost into so many months, it doesn’t cost u much every month


the price very soon will be almost same level with iphone ady. Keep on increasing the price but not much difference on spec


normally they will coming out with a new device in one year time then the price will drop a lot! it feels like wasting money to buy when the new phone come. Better i wait one year only buy save more money


Haha but if u wait for one year rite, they will have new phones with better features dy lol, so if u want the best phone, better u buy at the moment instead~ if u cant afford the price, I would suggest u to choose telco plan, easyphone plan from celcom is not bad, u can check that out


@liquidity U can try the postpaid plan from celcom, there is a plan called easyphone plan where u can get ur Samsung Note 8 with a cost of device as low as RM115 per month with subscription of its data plan ya~


Zerolution, it is installment as well, another choice


hmm altho the device is RM115 but with foreced additon of data plan, but i still like this plan coz it allow me to make installment plan woohooo


but if choosing telco plan will have to pay for data plan right… celcom data plan is well known as “luxury telco” which expensive but good service…


Celcom easyphone more better than zerolution, cuz the privileges are more than Zerolution since the price is almost the same, like the internet data celcom can get 50gb with extra 25gb for video walla