Slow transaction

Sometime we need to do transaction faster because of time and other reasons, but bring us headache as we cannot do it due to the slow service. It doesnt matter financial or anything else but the service not efficient. Do you guys have any idea on how to fix this?

Nowadays, online transaction is more convenience for all of us, but there may aso hv the internet problem, so by choosing the right service, sure you’ll enjoy the smooth transaction service

So true, then i guess need to choose better isp then. my current isp give such headache especially when my router always give red light. need to wait for tm technician. for months! gosh!

I also have some trouble with my latest internet provider. Seems that they planning to do 5g first then fix my line maybe hahaha. i got no time for all this nonsense

This one i’ve read few days ago, it seems like tm work fast than other telco ya. coz others i rarely saw their news about 5g huhu

I hate when my internet acting up, makes the transaction even slower

Omg same as me! you know what back then i use maxis but line is so slow & their customer service is unreliable now i change to tm unifi. Quite good service

Ya, seems like 5g is more important. When one telco do 5g, immediately all do it too, then compete2 at the end same condition as the current 4g ughhhhh

same here, that’s why I will swicth to tm services then, got more benefits as their 5g using stand alone one. more efficient, nice for my working purposes hehehe

Yup! Heard a lot of positive reviews on tm 5g. Cant wait to try it out later then

Tm also have done some smart apps like smart city app in langkawi, hoping for other cases may accomplished as well

Is time to change to TM, because their ready to launch the 5G … what how fast is the speed and how better is the coverage??

Wow, Langkawi have launch 5G, 5G here we come, my phone is compatible or not??

I think they speed must be 100 times of 4G, then the line must be fast at all

Of course 5G must be transformation from 4G, they would not bring the limitation to 5G, so this is advantages to TM

The is terrible fast speed, 100 times of 4G, thats mean u carry a modem move anywhere

I think u have to change the phone where can be compatible with 5G

haah betul tu, kdng2 bila tgh loading tu, time tu la scammer semua ada haih bahaya

ahaha haah, TM skrng tgh buat 5G internet yg akan bagi banyak sngt benefits kat semua org.

Yeah you’re right sis. I guess in few years time the price of 5g phones will be dropped as normal phone price like nowadays.