Suffering because no money

My bro accidentally broke my car tyre, feeling frustrated because just bought within a year but no any warranty can claim. Nowadays those tyres are quite costly, guess have to buy those eco tyre

Me neither. I’m still a student, cant afford that much. Therefore, i can only buy eco tyres

you bought which brand of tyre?? why don’t got warranty??
why not u buy Continental? it gt warranty…
what is your budget?? around rm100++ can buy good tyre ald…

why don’t u ask ur bro to buy because the tyre was broken by him
i think some eco tyre is also costly, but it hv low fuel consumption, can save ur fuel’s fee.
Continental Eco Contact 5 and Michelin Energy Saver, both hv very low fuel consumption.

100++ bucks? is it trustable? feel so strange with that low price. anyway, think twice before purchasing

Compared to both of them, they did have low fuel consumption which help to save more. Unfortunately, Energy Saver has higher price compared to EC5. For me, eco tyre will never in my consideration list because it doesnt last longer. I rather pay more to get better and higher quality

so what brand’s tyre is under your consideration??
I’m using Continental UC6, i like the braking performance of the tyre…
i’m ponder what brand of tyre to buy after UC6 broken…

also need to see the width of the tyre…if ur tyre’s type is wide, 100++ is impossible…
@Justo_Cio how long ur grip of uc6 last for? last time i also gt buy this model of tyre, after 3 years or 4 years, the grip of the tyre is not good as before but still can use.

If you’re not concerning with the price, u can consider to get CSC6. Performance and everything are beyond compare to others model. If you couldnt afford premium tyre, u can consider CC6 as this model is extremely silent while driving on the road. This model was satisfied by many users

thanks for the recommendation… think i’m probably will go for Conti bcs Michelin tyres were well known in costly price. anyway, i will still do more survey first hehe