TM do first 5G stand alone in malaysia?


I heard that 5G able to ultra low latency, is that true??


We believe that 5G able too increase coverage area, so thats why TM have a lot of station in every area, those area are full of coverage


Internet slow is not the problem but about the coverage …


lol okay haha i ckp je


haah, cuba baca link ni


so excited and can’t wait to use line 5g, hopefully they can faster done their project


not only in langkawi, subang also got do pre-test…
now langkawi ald hv 11 cases success in 5g


ya, after 5g launched out, we can take many benefits from tat, same with you really cant wait for it


i only know tat 5g can be more (10x) faster than line 4g, other benefits i truely dunno…


many teknologi also will trigger out, like auto driving, robot doing things instead of human and many more