TM do first 5G stand alone in malaysia?


Hi all… I’ve read about TM aiming for 5G Stand Alone, which is the first one in Malaysia, from this link What do you guys think on this?


I think this TM 5G standalone is good because it utilize core 5G without LTE which can provide better internet experience.


Yes, agree with you. This standalone network will provide high speed internet to all users. Although it take high cost for installation, but it is worth of it.


hmmmm but mampu ke TM nak buat 5g standalone ni?


are u sure it can provide a better internet?


bukan dah buat ke? ke baru announce nk buat?


for me no confidence at all. UNIFI also like a chipsmore.Malaysia still in comparatively sluggish internet speed


Dah buat dah wei, cuba ambik tau sikit hal semasa hahaha. Baru aku baca berita pasal nak test bape hertz tah stand alone tu, ko ghaserrr haha


Kalau x confiden, x hado nye diorang nak aim buat stand alone bagai. telco lain berani collab je haha


whateve it is, Malaysians only choose cheaper Internet :sweat_smile:


agreed. still very limited to urban areas and even if you live in a city, you could face the connection issue


yes, they have the ability to build 5G standalone infra. They are the pioneer in this industry.


I saw the article reported that TM has signed a Memorandum with Langkawi authority. Is it related to this 5G standalone network?


yes, tm has signed a memorandum of collab with LADA on 12th Jan 2020 for using 5G in Langkawi development.


But i have a question, why 4G appear LTE while 5G not??


Are they demonstrate it?? but how fast is it??


Not really because in the past, 4G might be cant connect at urban area, but right now 5G able to manage it now


currently tm is doing pre test of 5G network in Langkawi to test 5G network and its 5G use cases…


hahahaha, haah ni betul lepastu bising cakap internet slow


haaa kan! tu lah pasal hmmm