Track our expenses


Guys, do let me know how to track my expenses only using phones. How do you guys track your expenses?


kat phone skrng dah ada app yg boleh track benda mcm tu. cuba lah search kat play store mesti ada punya eheheh


i just check my history on my online banking lol


Google play store banyak je app yg boleh track you expenses… Just put the keyword only…


Money out like water because too many commitment…


But any apps can be recommend??


For me, i always use a book to record those transaction because traditional ways is more secure on it


yeah same, cant even save money nowadays. high cost of living


U can use spending tracker to track your expenses, i just using chinese apps to record.


just use your money wisely, now ewallet got many cash back, like boost app and setel app there got money cash back


Boost app i know, but setel apps i never heard b4. What is the app all about? Like boost oso?


exactly now days today in salary in 10min bank bcome zero !!!
lots of comittments !!!
But currently i am writting down every single expenses and control it …if as u all mentioned got apps means urely wowo …surely will very useful as well…


Setel app, i heard about it …but can get cash back ?
its like a apps for fuep petrol at petronas right ???
Anyone using ,can share more details?bcz heard about but stil havent try use it


yes i am just started after my friend recommended …
previously used shell but near my house shell always pack …so i give a try to
use petronas with this apps…its really good… and easy to use with simple steps as well…


great m but is that easy to use , or is that like boost or e wallet like tht?
Bcz keen to use it but before use i wana know it well…scared its not safe to use actually…


Kind like ewallet since u will get 10%cashback for first 3 times using it and no need to queue at counter at all!! No worries, they’re expanding nationwide now, so hoping we can use it soon…


i guna money tracker. hmm ok jgk la huhu


same, nak save pun tak sempat hmmm


Heard of Setel last year, will try it then, already download it as you guys mention it here hehehe


No need to queue? Other e-wallet i guess still need to go to the counter right? So convenient this app, will try it thennn