Video: man threw eggs at Digi HQ then met with chief marketing officer and resolved his issue

Viral - Mengamuk baling telur di DiGi Lot 10 Subang Hi Tech setelah aduan tidak dilayan

Man walks into Digi’s HQ, starts throwing eggs

Mengamuk. It’s really the perfect word to describe the man in this picture who walked into Digi‘s headquarters in Subang Hi Tech and started flinging eggs everywhere. Don’t worry, there’s a video.

Oh boy.

Unfortunately, the audio from the video cut off after the first few seconds so we can’t really tell what transpired. What we do know is that there were eggs, there was throwing and there was one very angry man.

Facebook user Mohd Al Iman Zakaria posted this video on Facebook with a caption that leads us to believe yellow telco Digi has pissed him off somehow. Here’s what he posted on Facebook:

“This is my ONLY option. Ive log the report to cfm digistore email digi fb etc.. maaf semua.. when we lost our patience and nobody care , this is the consequences.. iklan dia org kuning merata rata kan, ni saya bagi kuning telur merata rata”

Unfortunately, we’re not quite sure what his issue was with Digi, but I doubt this is the best solution to his problems. He said that he has reached out to the Consumer Forum of Malaysia to file a complaint but it appears that whatever response he got from CFM wasn’t enough. However, walking into the Digi’s headquarters and throwing eggs around is not the way to get matters resolved.

In a subsequent Facebook update, however, it appears that Mohd Al Iman Zakaria has been granted an audience with the a Digi representative — chief marketing officer Low Keh Jiat, no less — and that the issue has been “settled amicably”. They even shared a selfie!

Mohd Al Iman Zakaria: Updated : Now they listening. To be continue after Friday Pray … stand for your right… 3.00 pm : waiting reply from top management and Albern Murty. 4.30PM : Albern Murty not able to make it. Representative is Loh Keh Jiat , Chief Marketing Officer 6.00PM : CASE SETTLE AMICABLY. ALL MY REQUEST HAS BEEN FULLFILL.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think Digi should have called the police instead of granting him an audience since he was damaging private property. What Digi has done may lead to more copycats. Need to solve a problem with your telco? Forget customer service or the CFM, just bring some eggs to your telco’s headquarters and start flinging.

Remind you of anyone?

Either way, we’ve reached out to both Digi and Mohd Al Iman Zakaria for clarification on the issue, but have not heard back from them yet. Stay tuned for further updates when we get them.

UPDATE: Digi has replied to us with a full statement. Here’s what they said:

“We met with the customer yesterday to listen to his concerns as customer feedback is important for us to improve our overall service and experience. After further investigation, we agreed on a resolution together within the day. Our customers continue to be our priority, and while we continue to do our best to address concerns, we welcome feedback in an amicable manner as we also have a duty and responsibility to protect the interest and safety of our employees, guests and other customers across our channels.”

When asked further for more details about what the customer’s issue was exactly and how Digi resolved it, the telco’s representative declined to comment.

Source: SoyaCincau