VR retail experience


Retail experience with virtual reality? Thats it as if Shopee dont make me bankcrupt enough now we can shop virtually… byebye moneyhh! not sure how to feel about this too advance tech…like so cool but i feel like my money will start draining away like water flows :frowning: https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2020/01/555944/tm-inks-collaboration-8-partners-5gdp-langkawi


other telco should really leave the 5g all to tm, dont waste time doing 5g la even their 4g sucks


i agree tho…besides tm is doing 5g stand alone which comes with many benefits


omg i wish my area got 5g too! i believe soon tm will provide more coverage so we can enjoy 5g


Yes, totally agree with you! This stand alone network will provide high speed internet to all users


True. TM 5G stand alone is good because it use core 5G without LTE which can provide a better internet experience to all of us


I heard that also will have smart traffic light, smart parking system and so on, izit true?


Now TM already signed the memorandum with LADA in the stand alone of 5G, i believe all of us can enjoy the 5G internet soon no matter where we are


can’t wait to enjoy the 5g technology since it will bring a lot of benefits to us


Yeappp that’s all in tm planning. I totally support tho it’s time for malaysia to move forward


Later surely they will expand 5g in other areas. They have the infra so no worries


Hey please lah , i believe u must be one of user of this suck telco as what u mention…


Yes i heard that they prepare in Langkawi, in long term they have to launch around the Malaysia


But currently still in pre testing process right??


Well, 5G have a large of storage able for all human to store a larger and transfer the larger file to others place with higher speed …


This 5G technology could bring a lot of benefit, what i know is this 5G could hit the speed more than 4G can do…


ahahahaha ni betul, saya setuju.


haah, dorang test dekat langkawi dulu


other telco line 4g also very suck, always line down, not very believe in their 5g


they even called 5g plan is a big plan, so nonsense…not care about line 4g ald