Way to detect pregnant livestocks


Do you know there’s a way to detect pregnant livestocks? Well, there one other countries, in which Vodafone already use 5G sensors onto female cows’ tails as to detect whether the livestocks are pregnant or not. Because when cows pregnant, their temperature will rises and the way to cool down is to swish their tails. In other way, it is easier to detect time for labour and do schedule on it. Easier right? Perhaps all countries can do it too soon


That’s great! With the advancement of 5G technology, it becomes more easier to detect pregnant livestocks


I bet you guys know all telco are competing on the 5g deployment right? Hope the 5G technology in Malaysia can help in detect the pregnant livestock also


I heard this news recently on TM collaborating with langkawi authority in introduce 5g technology there for tourism purposes. there are also smart city app for traffic, maps etc


can’t wait to see whole Malaysia using 5g technology, 5g technology really bring a lots of benefit. i guess other field also will be implemented with 5g to make it more efficient right


Yea this is true. Tm want to enhance 5g in langkawi for the area’s development https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2020/01/12/tm-inks-collaboration-with-eight-partners-for-5g-development-project-in-lan/1827284


Our lives will be much easier with 5g. Although people keep saying it will much more costly on this 5g appliances, but i guess for long term purpose, its okay, anyone agrees?


This is brilliant technology so we dont have to waste time to check each cows manually


indirectly, we can save our time and money with the use of 5g technology


It’s a good choice cause langkawi is full of tourists. Can attract more tourist with the 5g


The money can be use for our savings rather than spending on slow internet like 4g. Thank god for 5g


I believe this 5G able lead around these people more convenient to them


Wow, they make memorandum at Langkawi right? that mean 5G will launch soon right?? how this 5G can help on tourism??


But how we use 5G to check pregnancy??


Wow, thats good, we can save a lot of money and time


Thx for your info, but this message are not mention about we know we can use this 5G ??


haah bagus jugak. senang lah nak detect pregnant livestock tu


haah betul tu, banyak benefits dari 5g ni


Not only that, i saw a video on 500 drones flying together and do various formation. You should google that too, it is awesomeeeeeeeeee!


bukan takat ni je, rasanya lagi bnyk benda boleh guna 5g ni, nak tanam sayur cuaca sejuk mcm salad ke apa boleh tanam dah kt cuaca panas, sbb dgn bantuan 5g ni la. tapi tu la, kena tgok gak company mana yg provide 5g yg bagus baru boleh jalan lancar