Webe Mobile misleading scam marketing on Facebook ad trying to cheat customers with false promise of RM49 price & free hotspot #boycottwebe #report2mcmc

webe Mobile Misleading Scam Marketing on Facebook ad trying to cheat customers with false promise of RM49 price & free hotspot #boycottwebe #report2mcmc

webe mobile Misleading Facebook Ad Attracted Lots of Angry Comments & Reactions

webe digital: Get your family on webemobile from as low as RM49 with multiline discount.

webe mobile Misleading Scam Marketing

Pak Deen: this is not from as low as…misleading…

Zul Zd: Scam marketing…

webe suck scam cheating report MCMC

Erriey Manja: yup true that is subline price.main line rm79.can report to MCMC

Adi Qalam Wira: WEBE ni Dulu P1 WiMax, hahha terkena sudah,line xde,tp bill sentiase dtg

Webe Unlimited Scam Cheating Case Facebook Report

Saw this comment posted on one of the webe Facebook post by 梓荣:

Webe Suck! Multiple Scam Cheating Cases Reported @ Webe Facebook Comments

Webe Mobile Unlimited Internet Scam Cheating Case

Another webe scam cheating case reported in the comment section of webe Facebook post by Rachel Woo: Any one can Explanation this。。。what the happening for this …my mom already 70years old…never apply u webe internet…how can my mom got outstanding bill amount RM1806…then can 50%less???wtf this company

April Woo:

April Woo:

Webe Unlimited SMS Promise Scam Using False Advertising to Cheat Customer into Subscribing

Hwang Ah Hao: U say free msg but u bar me and.no notice

Hwang Ah Hao: I pay every month , I didt owe u

Hwang Ah Hao: Webe pls reactive my line

Hwang Ah Hao: I hav to use my line for work

Webe does not let customer to port out?

Nicholas Fung: Pls let me port out from webe ! I did not sign any contract yet webe customer service is not responding to why I cant port out from webe !!! :rage::rage::rage::rage:

Webe scammed customer money without providing refund

Chee Wei: Those who considered of using p1 or Webe service, please consider after you had read the below stories of mine.

I signed p1 service last year, after that I decided to terminate the service after some incidents happened. On April 2017, P1/Webe stopped my service and giving me the reason that I had utilized the unlimited data which is 100gb and I realized that my friend with the same data plan did not get the service stopped but reduced their internet speed. What the!

After that, I decided to top-up and choose to top-up 2+1 gb data which cost me around Rm 31.80. After 5 min, my p1 service still haven’t resumed and I asked the service chat about the issue, they told me that I cannot top up my unlimited data. What the heck!!! P1 didn’t even put notice about this after I had paid the money and they said will refund it. When I ask the p1 company for the refund, they asked me to write a formal letter to claim the refund. Ok fine, I do it. Then, they just simply give a letter saying that I don’t have excess balance in my account and I cannot get my refund back!!! What a nice cheating trick by p1 !!! I bought the data and I couldn’t even use it, at the end I couldn’t even get my refund back!!! So disappointing. They just kicking me like a ball here and there and at the end I get nothing back.

Those who wish to sign a contract with p1 or webe, Good luck and be careful with their cheating skills!

Webe has a serious customer service issue: examples of Webe horrendous customer service

webe customer service issue

Jia Jien Chong: What kind of customer service … This nurul amira… I am asking a question to my order … u are answering me other thing … Keep bringing me round the world…


Anner Chee: Pls reply, rubbish billing! Pls tell me how is this RM 89.90 come from?

More webe Customer Complaints

Ngu King Fui: Speed test 2mps, in game update less than 30kbps. Guess how long will it be to update a 200mb patch. Unlimited data with 30kps speed? Are you really that “sincerely” serve you customer?

Hayati Ahmad: Shocking 2K bill for data roaming… How long does it take to rectify? Already into the 9th day

It’s amusing that webe warn others about scam but ironically webe itself is scamming its customers as per complaints from various webe users posted above.

webe digital: Hey peeps! There seems to be some suspicious messages being circulated online and via whatsapp offering webe plans. We want to alert you that these are all scams! Always get the info about our webe plans or promotions through our official website bit.ly/webeofficialsite only or from our social media channels (FB, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube).