New Genting Awana Skyway to Begin Operation in August 2016 (Update: Opening Delayed Pending Regulatory Approval)

Genting Awana Skyway (formerly known as Sri Layang cable car), Malaysia first skyway built in 1977, ceased its operations since 1 April 2014 to make way for the construction of an all-new cable car system due to reopen in 2016. The all new Genting Awana Skyway Gondola will begin its operation very soon.

Resorts World Genting:

Hi fans, we have some exciting news to share with you! Our new cable cars will begin operation soon, but until then tune in to us everyday for #AwanaSkyway Fun Facts!

Here’s Fun Fact #1, there’ll be 10 Skyway Gondolas which are fully equipped with glass-bottoms so that you can clearly view the beautiful surroundings. Which means 10 times the selfie fun!

Are you excited to take a selfie in our glass-bottom gondola?
<3 if you are !

Resorts World Genting:

Fun Fact #2: Our tallest tower for our new #AwanaSkyway stands at 53 metres high which is around 5,300 centimetres tall! Adrenaline junkies, are you excited?

Resorts World Genting:

Fun Fact #3: Zoom zoom, no such thing as traffic in the sky! #DidYouKnow that our new #AwanaSkyway can achieve a top speed of 6 metres per second? Don’t forget to get those cameras ready to record your experience!

So how many metres do you think it can travel in 1 minute? Share with us!

Resorts World Genting:

Fun Fact #4: Fast and breezy! The new #AwanaSkyway only takes 10 minutes to commute from Awana Station to Sky Avenue Station! If you were to drive up it would take around 20 minutes.

How long does it take for you to drive up to Resorts World Genting?

Resorts World Genting:

Fun Fact #5: A regular cable car uses a 50 millimetres diameter wire rope, but built with safety and care in mind, our new #AwanaSkyway Gondolas were built using a 60 millimetres diameter wire ropes. We make your journey to the resort city a smooth and safe one!

Resorts World Genting:

Fun Fact #6: If the new #AwanaSkyway Gondola can transport a total of 3,600 people an hour. How many people can it transport in 10 minutes?

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Opening on August 1.

Genting Highlands Malaysia Awana Skyway Free Rides Giveaway 1 - 31 August 2016

Enjoy unlimited complimentary rides this August In conjunction with the new Awana Skyway opening, we will be offering complimentary rides for the month of August. Enjoy the ride with our sensational new gondolas and if you’re lucky, you might just get one with the popular glass floor.

Awana Skyway Opening Delayed

Resorts World Genting: In our excitement to introduce you to our new ‪#‎AwanaSkyway‬, we’ve got a little ahead of ourselves. While the Skyway is operationally ready, we are waiting for some final regulatory approvals. As soon as we get these, we will set a new launch date to send you on a whole new experience. Our ‪#‎FreeRides‬ offer will still stand, so thank you for your patience! We can’t wait either!