Sunway Velocity Mall has a rampant pickpocket / theft problem - keep an eye on your valuables

From Facebook: 今天去Sunway Velocity逛街时,我的bag在不知觉的情况下被割了一个大洞,被偷掉钱包和电话。听说昨天有8宗一样遭遇的投报,今天有5宗。大家有去那里的一定要顾好自己的bag!

This afternoon, I went to shoppping @ Sunway Velocity Mall. Unfortunately, my bag was cut a big hole by pickpocket without knowing, my wallet and iphone were stolen. I heard there were 8 cases reported yesterday and 5 cases reported today. Beware of your belongings if you are going to Sunway Velocity Mall !!!

This is on top of many other horrendous problems / terrible issues shoppers are facing at the newly opened Sunway Velocity Mall Cheras KL:

Sunway Velocity Mall has a serious mobile phone signal / data connection / WiFi problem (no ATM, no cashless payment) on top of worst parking signage design & toilet issue

The poor car park experience is becoming more and more of a problem as recent 1-star reviews are mostly parking problems:

Sunway Velocity Mall has a terrible carpark design / parking problem - expect to spend 1 hour just to exit the car park

Jeremy Goh: Plenty of teething problem but kinda like the set up and shops.

Can accept all the problems as it’s a new mall. BUT what I can’t accept is the fact that my MIL handbag got slashed and her valuables and wallet stolen. What made it worst is that there were over 30 cases in 2 days… Police told us when we spent 2 hours lodging report.

That spoilt my whole shopping.

Me and my mom got our bags slashed too. Totally spoilt our shopping experience!

Sorry to hear that @webling Sunway Velocity Mall is really a terrible mall with such high reported pickpocket cases, no other malls can compete with Sunway Velocity Mall in terms of pickpocket cases. Where is the CCTV, where are the security guards monitoring the CCTV?

Can give us more details of your incident (when it happened, how it happened, what were stolen, did Sunway Velocity Mall provide any help)? If you have already shared on your personal Facebook, would you mind to copy paste here for the benefits of other Malaysian shoppers?

Chris Chia: 你的保安做好一点。 里面太多扒手和诈骗了。 还有电话被偷了 要求看CCVT 你却说要做report先。

都很急了还做个 report?

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Tan Hui Ling: Be careful when shopping at Sunway Velocity Mall! Lots of thief lurking around.

This is what happened when I went there at around 2pm today! I was only there for less than 1 hour!

one is mine, the other is my mom’s. lost phone

went to voir, lol, uniqlo & akemi uchi

I think it happened inside LOL, a clothing store but I only realized it later. To make matters worse, there was no signal to call for help.

I heard it happened to quite a few people