Sunway Velocity Mall is the worst shopping mall in Malaysia - poorly planned opening, horrendous car park design, rampant pickpocketing & many other issues!

Do not go Sunway Velocity Mall, the worst shopping experience you will ever get in your life! What was originally expected to be a great shopping mall opening with lots of discount promotions turned out to be a nightmare for most shoppers that paid a visit in the first week of opening.

1-star poor reviews quickly popped up at Sunway Velocity Mall’s official Facebook page. The fact that shoppers are so annoyed until they took action to complain on Facebook says a lot about how terrible their shopping experiences had been at the latest shopping venue in Cheras KL that opened less than a week.

Sunway Velocity Mall has a serious mobile phone signal / data connection / WiFi problem (no ATM, no cashless payment) on top of worst carpark parking signage design & toilet issue

The first two days of Sunway Velocity Mall opening week, the complaints mostly focused on poor mobile signal in the shopping mall, particularly for Maxis and Digi users. The poor Internet data signal issue also led to no ATM being in service and cashless payment facilities all went down. As a result, all shoppers were forced to pay with cash and at the same time had not been able to withdraw any cash from ATM due to it not in service.

On this modern day and at this digital age, it is not surprising that being disconnected on mobile can lead to anxiety and frustration among the mobile-savvy Malaysian shoppers. While mobile signal problem has also been reported during other shopping malls’ opening and is a relatively easy problem to fix, the following problems are more distressing and difficult to tackle in a short time.

Sunway Velocity Mall has a terrible carpark design / parking problem - expect to spend 1 hour just to exit the car park

The problem of car park due to its poor design and lack of signage has quickly escalated to be the number one complaint reported on Facebook reviews. Most shoppers reported at least one hour just to exit the car park while many were unable to find an unoccupied parking lot.

Redesigning the whole parking floors requires massive reconstruction that will take the shopping mall offline (or partially offline) and reduce the foot traffic due to lack of available parking to shoppers, which is something Sunway Velocity Mall could hardly afford in the first year of its operation. However, this is unavoidable if Sunway Velocity Mall wants to regain its reputation and shopper confidence in the future… perhaps this should be a top item on the priority list.

Sunway Velocity Mall has a rampant pickpocket / theft problem - keep an eye on your valuables

Another problem that although received less attention on social media that it deserved is very terrifying and important for all shoppers planning to visit this shopping mall: extremely high pickpocket cases have been reported in just a few days of Sunway Velocity Mall opening, with shoppers losing wallets, iPhones and other valuable personal belongings due to theft.

Do not visit Sunway Velocity Mall, the worst shopping mall in KL!

Sunway Velocity Mall: Dear FB fans, shoppers and community of Cheras,

We sincerely thank you for your support so far, as we have been receiving endless crowd and feedback - both positive and negative. We thank those who came to visit us and we understand the expectations since its been some time since Cheras had such excitement.

We acknowledge that there are many areas to improve - telco coverage, wifi, Atm availability,credit card facilities, car park signage, cleanliness, lack of redemption items etc. Technical aspects that worked fine before started to act up, dust continues to fly even though we constantly clean after hours.

But we owe ourselves that we should not give up. And we must work harder to address these issues we are facing. We hope you will continue to let us know your thoughts and give us the opportunity, time and space to make this work for you. Some solutions will be quick, but some may take longer. We will use this space to continuously provide you with updates and engage with you actively for a better mall experience that benefits Cheras.

Liew Jun Keong: Stuck in the parking for one hour! Really unbearable and unbelievable Sunway with such poor facility and contingency plan to mitigate the condition! All cars is horning like hell!

Leong Kh: I stuck in basement parking 1hr+ and not able move to upper level, at the end fedup and take uber back home, we will NEVER come velocity mall again, damn suck management!!!

GW Suan: Don’t make people life miserable to shop in. This means that management is irresponsible and just want to make business instead think of their customers. Worst mall i ever been. Luckily nothing bad accident thing happen and your mall still under construction!!!

Sean Soo: What I could say that the mall shouldn’t rush for opening until all the issues/problems been fully resolved😡

Ted Wong: Yeah! Terrible car park space u have. Go in took 1 1/2 hour now can’t go out cause Super jam. The car basically not moving at all.

Happy SinWai: Stuck in basement 3 parking for almost 2 hrs only able to exit. Will never go there again.

Sunway Velocity Mall: 各位面子书支持者,商场顾客以及Cheras民众,





Francis Lai: 我想是他們因為要趕在聖誕節和農曆新年前開幕,所以就趕緊開,如果商場的一些設備還沒有妥當準備好,會造成顧客的困擾和不便。停車場沒有明顯的告示牌,導致一大群的人在停車場裡頭走來走去在找商場入口處。保安人員也沒有看見多少位。網絡覆蓋簡直爛。如果跟家人走散了,要聯繫,就麻煩了。可能這幾天是假日,人潮也特別多。但是,商場的管理部門,你們準備好了嗎?答案是。。。還沒有。以一個雙威集團來講,這簡直是超爛的一個開頭。至於扒手,這事件哪裡都是會有的,要注意小心自己的包。

Lee Iris: 很少餐厅和吃的东西,网络是完全没有,厕所很小…一个厕所才五间可以用,要排死人魅。。。小小间的Aeon的厕所都多过你们很多,儿童玩耍的东西也少,升降机也很等了很久,你们打广告和face book打到很红…可是都还没完全妥善去到就很失望,我们去到只是排队等厕所和排队等吃吧了…跟本都没时间走街和没心情了!

(不过喂奶房baby room是不错啦):+1::+1:

Ellice Tan: i couldn’t find any digital directory boards in ur mall, may i know where i can find it?

Chris Chia: 你的保安做好一点。 里面太多扒手和诈骗了。 还有电话被偷了 要求看CCVT 你却说要做report先。

都很急了还做个 report?

Grace 子雯: 停车场很多灰尘,厕所很肮脏很臭,很多restaurant在两点多就关了,我们只好离开广场,结果停车场塞车塞到不能动,我们只好进回去广场找东西吃。而且冷气有些层冷,有些层热,搞得我女儿回到家就发烧了。而且很多店都用不到信用卡。而且买上RM300的redeem gift 从cushion没货了,换了一个小的tumbler,真的好差。有史以来最差的广场,我老公还说了下次不来这间mall了。真的好失望:pensive::pensive: