Sunway Velocity Mall has a serious mobile phone signal / data connection / WiFi problem (no ATM, no cashless payment) on top of worst carpark parking signage design & toilet issue

Sunway Velocity Mall is the worst shopping mall in Malaysia - poorly planned opening, horrendous car park design, rampant pickpocketing & many other issues!

The newly opened Sunway Velocity Mall has received numerous 1-star bad review on Facebook. Going through these bad reviews, you will realize that

Sunway Velocity Mall has a Serious Problem on Mobile Phone Signal / Data Connection / WiFi

Due to the mobile data signal problem, ATM services and debit/credit card services are all down. All customers have to pay with cash but ATM services are down!

Theirre Xiu Tao: Bad wifi and internet connection; worse restoran(swenser),I am dining alone, they receiptionist asked me to wait and let a group of 4 enter even I was que in front of them for 15 minutes and the reason is the table is for four, therefore I continued waiting for another 15 min. Then after took order, waited another half an hour for the meal to serve, but at last my 2 meals only came out 1, the other was finish and they never inform, and only told when you asked. When I was getting mad, they gave discount 10%, spent 2 hours to complete my lunch ard 3 . Dont visit the shop if they are full and u r alone. And the worst, is the management itself. U are entitle to redeem a xmas tree small pillow after spend 300 and above with max 2 singles receipt or whatever. 1 person is only can get 1, no matter how much you spent. that mean, even you spent 3000, they are not willing to give you neither 10 or 2. That mean, the management is not encourage you to spent more, just 300 enough in single receipt, if you have 2 receipt with 300 each, the rule is one only can get a pillow. Yeah, may be you can advised me to ask your campanion or family to redeem for you with another receipt. But, I am shopping alone, where did I get another one to help. So, first ever time, I met a shopping mall which discriminate single shopper and dont want people to spent more. Do you think a lot of ppl willing to spent double or trible of 300?If you have a high spending customer, why not free them another gift to make him happy and come back to shop, for your staburnation of a gift, you really lost a customer.

And the toilet is all seat bowl where not my preference. Spending whole afternoon there,visit less than 5 shops.

If you are so free and dont want to spend money, u can visit there, to get some free ice cream, free parking as well. (But I am not sure the system, coz didt drive).

And, if you are a single shopper, dont visit this shopping mall. Last reminder, today is only thursday, weekday. Can you imagine how long you need to q in the coming weekend?Please feel free to share my comment in case they are too bad and delete this. Wont regconize anyone to there. Thank you.

Susan Raytech: Firstly, Congrats to Sunway Group for this Grand Opening , super mega mall in cheras vicinity.


  • A big shopping mall with all the famous food / restaurant chains …
  • You can find almost everything under one roof; grocery, marketplace , dining , shopping, coffee break, movie time, fitness , gamers , casual & fine dining , fast food chains, branded shops , & all the famous brand outlets …
  • Big & cooling , spacious, 5-6levels of shopping , entertainment, marketplace , restaurants , etc.
  • 3-5minutes driving distance from home .
  • No need to drive all the way to Sunway Pyramid in future, as this will be my next shopping haven .


  • Get ready to go into a “jungle” in a city … where you will be disconnected from the internet world ,communication breakdown , no signal at all for Maxis / Digi.
  • Poor signage in parking area , not easy to look for parking as well. Driving round & round to find an exit.
  • Pedestrian Bridge is Not Even Ready and still under construction … No way for you to cross the roads safely.
  • No ATM machines , No Credit Card/ Debit Card services, No phone service coverage , No wifi , No telco lines coverage .

C’mon , please do something to rectify all the above problems and looking forward to a better equip shopping mall with all the best service in town . Make it a shopping haven with tip top condition & service … Elevate Cheras image to another Popular Shopping Destination ya

Lastly, I am looking forward to a better shopping mall in months to come… Definitely will be back for my weekends visit , entertainment time & dining experience … Keep it up …

Pennie Pui Yee: Straightly no line, no signal, no internet access in here!!! Can’t even meet friend through phone call. No ATM service although there is a direction to ATM but when v reach there the ATM is not in service, besides not available for credit card payment at most shop n the staff told us there is no line to access the service, which means u can see all the discount but can’t get money to purchase (sigh)The whole building we only find two female toilet that able to use, others all in maintenance but all the male toilet is in service (sigh again) vet parking service straightly put the car around the entrance of building n v have to sidestep the car parked n the car crossing (sigh against)Worst parking experience…The security doesn’t open the B3 parking although they known B1 B2 is full.

Overall the service n environment is comfortable n neatly design Expecting for better improvement, will be there again

Jozelyn Ng: I have no intention to visit but just bump in while passing by.

(a) Parking signs need to be improve, I am very confuse driving around but finally manage to get a parking at a location very far away from the mall. I believe the management is trying their best by putting some workers/ security officers to direct the traffic and provide golf cart to send customers to find their vehicles.

(b) Due to its first day of operation, there were many shops offering grand opening discount, so just prepare to queue and I guess this is normal. Hopefully the shops will improve their customer service.

© Poor signal inside the building, most of the location has no signal but luckily finally I found my family members because I ask them to walk around first while I am queuing to pay (I queue for at least 20 minutes :joy:).

(d) The restaurant I went to is having problem with their payroll so they have to put the bill in written receipt but they only accept cash because the credit card service is unavailable yet :joy: Luckily I have enough cash and left about RM8 in wallet after paying the bill. If I don’t, I think I will end up washing dish there because no atm around (But guess this is my fault because I bump into the mall without any intention to visit earlier so I didn’t prepare enough cash).

(e) The toilet is located quite a distant and some toilets close for maintenance. Just curious, so fast they need to maintain already :scream::scream::scream:

I believe it is somewhat consider “normal” to experienced the above because my previous experience to visit IOI City Mall during its grand opening also the same except for item (e) but I hope the management would do better in future to improve the quality and service in the mall. Will definitely revisit after some time.

Jessica Lee: Went there today and was extremely disappointed! Completely no signal, no coverage and no phone line, cannot call people and receive call, cannot go online, need to walk out to the entrance in order to receive signal & coverage again. Bought some items in Guardian and wanted to pay by credit card but system down! The Guardian staff said it’s due to the mall’s poor signal & line problem. And no ATM machines too! Luckily I have enough cash to pay for the items. Very limited directory boards and we ended up walking few big rounds to find the right shop. Hope the management can improve this!

Joshua Lee: To The Senior Management Team, Please do read this if ever you could.

Everything looks good the only thing is and I think the management team should really carefully consider this:- Before you rush for the grand opening, make sure you get ready of all the phone lines up and running. You need to let your customer ease of purchase things from the merchant. What I found is that, this mall is big and yet not able to pay by credit card? So you expecting your customer to carry big amount of cash into your mall?

Second, the whole entire mall do have ATM Machine? What a joke…

So if you are not ready…then don’t do opening…

Hsiao Jun: Telcom network coverage are bad. Especially for Maxis & Digi. Only Celcom still can detect line when need use calls. If any urgent stuff how to make call? Cant ask ppl to walk out main entrance right! Doesn’t make sense!
SHOULD improve it the Sunway management !!

Parking bays are so dusty…

covered with full of dust and small sands. As a huge group of shopping management… if you manage to operate a huge mall with a great grand opening on 1st day… it shouldn’t be so out of standard. At least hygienic comes first!
Make sure clean the entire parking bays la… at least looks fresh and nice.

Should deco more trees for Christmas celebration. People are loves to take picture!

Except for this two issue! Others all is still okay… above expectation… still can be improve and do well in coming future!

Heather Tan: Dusty and slippery floor, dirty car park with no signboards for directions, broken toilet seats on the first day itself, safety equipment is all under testing and zero reception for mobile phones! Can see they are rushing for opening without considering the safety and pleasant shopping experience for all patrons. Epic fail for Sunway group !

Wai Loon K:


  • At last some good brands in Cheras like SPAO, JD, Toys R us, etc.
  • Variety of food.
  • Nothing else.


  • No phone signal at all like in a jungle.
  • Slippery tiles, bad choice of tiles. Or maybe the floor still dusty? I’m not sure. P/S: If you are visiting with elder ones, make sure they wear a good shoe.
  • Parking signs so complicated, I followed the exit sign but it just bring me merry go round twice before the actual exit.

Ham ManChin: Worst phoneline, data or wifi connection. Even cant pay with credit card as the machine cant online!!! Disappointed. Lots of car park available but the signal light was not functioning well. Otherwise quite a number of shops have opened, still worth going.

Justin Chiang: No maxis signal in this mall. No service at all at lower ground floor.

Shappy Lee: Everything is good except there are no coverage for both Digi and Maxis.

Kai Chuan: Phone signal & network coverage = zero in this mall

Yeo See Ming: No Line, WiFi , No ATM, 95% shop have to pay by cash…

Chan Chiu Chin: The design of parking is sucks. No coverage and internet.

Sunway Velocity Mall:


We have received some feedback on the wifi & telco issues. We’re deeply sorry about the inconvenience caused, but while we’re working diligently to improve it quickly, we’d very much like to make up to our customers by offering everyone a chance to tell us their “A Day in Retro Life at Sunway Veloctity Mall” story (remember what it was like in the old days before wifi?). The most inspiring & interesting story will be picked by us & rewarded with a CHRISTMAS HAMPER WORTH RM800 !!!

*The “A Day in Retro Life at Sunway Velocity Mall” challenge period will run till all communication lines are restored :smiley: Do drop by our Concierge Counter on Ground Floor or First Floor should you require assistance in using the paging system.

Sunway Velocity Mall has a rampant pickpocket / theft problem - keep an eye on your valuables

Sunway Velocity Mall has a terrible carpark design / parking problem - expect to spend 1 hour just to exit the car park